How to get a Fancy Vehicle Registration / License Plate Number in India?


07 Jun 2023

Acquiring a Fancy Vehicle Registration Number in India

When you register a car or bike with a fancy registration number, you are somewhat demonstrating your uniqueness and stature to others, particularly those who love automobiles. A fancy or VIP registration number, despite its higher cost, conveys that you are passionate about your vehicle, as these machines display their owner's prestige through customization.

It is a bit of a lengthy & complex process to obtain fancy vehicle registration numbers for cars or bikes as per the traffic rules/laws. You can purchase fancy registration numbers through an e-auction as well.

Here's how to get fancy registration numbers, how much it costs, & how long the process takes.

What is a Fancy Car/Bike Number Plate?

A fancy vehicle registration number is a license plate customized with a name, phrase, or message.

The most common type of fancy number plate is the vanity plate. Vanity plates are usually associated with a specific car or driver and are often used to make an individual's vehicle number more distinctive. These could have VIP numbers like 0001 or 5555.

The other type of custom license plate is called a memorial plate. These plates are usually associated with someone who has died and are often displayed to commemorate them.

It is a violation of traffic rules to use a customized number plate without proper registration.

Step to Get Fancy Vehicle Registration Number

The procedure for acquiring a fancy registration number is the same for all car owners. One has to apply online, fill in the form, and pay the fee.

Fancy registration numbers are not easy to acquire, as one has to be an existing car owner with a valid driving license. They must ensure to follow traffic rules and have sufficient funds in their account.

You must go through the following steps to get a Fancy Registration Number.

  • Register on MoRTH's official website for a public account.

  • After signing up, you'll need to pick a fancy vehicle number.

  • The next step is paying for the fancy number and setting up your account.

  • Once all fees are cleared, your official bid will go in.

  • If your bid is unsuccessful, it means you might have to pay the balance or collect your dues.

  • When your payment clears, you'll get an allotment letter.

How can you check the availability of a Fancy Car/Bike Number online?

Anyone can visit the RTO website to determine if a particular vehicle number is available on a car or bike. Getting a fancy car plate can take some time, so you have to wait until the allocation time is over.


Indian officials have set up a new system to issue vehicle registration numbers based on a centralized database of all registered vehicles. In India, fancy number plates are a status symbol, and people will do whatever it takes to make their vehicles stand out.

In the eyes of those viewing it, a vehicle registration number effectively duplicates the personality of its driver. There are all kinds of fancy car numbers, from single digits to ones that spell out messages or are funny.

So, if you have just bought a new vehicle and are trying to get a fancy number, do not forget to get auto insurance. Being financially safe even after mishaps is one wise decision you need to make beforehand.

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