How to File Car Insurance Claim Without a RC Book


26 Jul 2023

Car Insurance Claim: Learn how to file a car insurance claim without a RC Book. Visit Kotak General Insurance to learn more.

To recover for any damage made to your car, you would be required to raise a claim. A claim is an official intimation to your insurer about the loss and damage suffered by your car. The intimation needs to be done at the earliest, along with submitting the essential documents. Here is a brief about how to file a claim.

How to file a claim?

To file a claim intimate the insurer, file an FIR and submit the following documents to the insurer:

Car insurance policy details

• Driving licence of the person

• Registration certificate (RC ) of the insured vehicle

• Valid claim intimation form

• Proof of identification (PAN or adhaar card)

• An estimate of repair if asked

The above documents are required if you are raising a cashless claim. In case of reimbursement, you would require to produce additional documents :

• A copy of the repair invoice

• Payment receipt details

• A valid cancelled cheque

While these are the essential document to raise a claim, there is still a way to raise a claim if one of the documents are missing. Such as, you can raise a car insurance claim even without a copy of RC (registration certificate) or a temporary one? Let’s know the entire process of how to proceed with a claim without a registration certificate.

What is a registration certificate and what is its importance?

A Registration Certificate is an important document that states that your car is registered with the government of India. And as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 you must carry your RC whenever you are driving your car. The validity period of your RC is 15 years and a temporary RC needs to renewed within one month.

There may be a time when your car has suffered damages and you need to file a claim when your RC is due for renewal or you are having a temporary RC or you have recently lost your RC. You may skip filing a claim and bear all the expenses from your pocket because you are misinformed. In such a situation, insurance companies accept your claim even if you do not have an original RC. While it is not easy to file a claim without your Registration Certificate, it is not impossible.

What all you need to do to file a claim in the absence of RC?

To register any claim in the absence of your RC you will need follow the below protocols to obtain a duplicate RC

• Lodge a FIR with the police

• Visit the nearest RTO and fill the form for a duplicate RC and submit a copy of the FIR
Visit the bank if you have a car loan to get No Objection Certificate

• Get an affidavit with all the details of your car

• Pay the fees required for a duplicate RC

• Do not forget to take the acknowledgement slip from the RC

In a nutshell:

It is extremely important to raise the car insurance claim within the stipulated time period to avoid any denial. Also, remember to apply for a duplicate RC at the earliest to avoid any claim disputes or make the claim settlement process tedious. At Kotak general insurance you can immediately raise a claim online and avoid delays with cashless claim settlement and reimbursement claim settlement options both.

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