How to file a scooter or scooty insurance claim


26 Jul 2023

Be honest about the incident and settle the amount of the scooter insurance claim hassle-free

As per the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act of 1988, all bikes and scooters must have a third-party insurance policy. It covers the third-party liabilities that might occur due to accidents. However, you must note that it does not cover the damage caused to your property. So, to extend the coverage of your scooter, always opt for a comprehensive scooter insurance plan.

These insurance policies will help you get financial protection against any damage to your bike or any third-party property by filing a claim. But how to file a scooty insurance claim?

Let's discuss all related to the scooty or scooter insurance claim.

How to file a scooter or scooty insurance claim?

If the damage is caused by accident or theft, inform the local police station and get an FIR report. The easiest way is to file a claim online. Also, note that the scooter insurance claim process differs on the reasons for filing a claim.

Scooter theft claim process

• File an FIR

• Submit a copy of your scooter's registration certificate and your DL (Driving Licence), along with FIR.

• Obtain a non-traceable certificate from the police and submit it to the insurer on their official website.

• The bike's IDV set when purchasing a policy will be transferred to you by the insurance provider.

Scooter own-damage claim process

• Collect all the evidence of the accident.

• Get the name and phone number of any witness.

• Inform your insurance provider.

• A surveyor will be appointed to examine the damage.

• If the surveyor finds the claim authentic, the network garage will be asked to repair the bike, and the claim will be settled between the insurance provider and the garage. This will happen when you opt for a cashless claim process. However, in the reimbursement claim process, you would spend the amount from your pocket, which the insurance provider will reimburse upon the survey's success.

Third-party scooter insurance claim

• Inform the insurance provider about the accident after filing an FIR at the police station.

• The insurance provider will forward the case to the motor insurance claim tribunal.

• After verifying the documents, the court will determine a particular amount to be paid.

• Go to the insurance provider's portal and file a claim for the settlement amount.

What are the documents required for a scooty insurance claim?

You will be required to submit the following documents to file a scooter insurance claim online -

• Copy of FIR (First Information Report)

• Scooter's RC (Registration Certificate)

• DL (Driving Licence)

• Insurance policy copy

• Evidence of the damaged scooter

• For the reimbursement claim process, original repair bills, cash receipts, etc.


To avoid claim rejection, it is important to immediately inform the insurance provider about the accident or theft. Also, be honest about the incident and settle the amount of the scooter insurance claim hassle-free.

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