How to Ensure that People Follow Traffic Rules Unknowingly?


06 Jun 2023

Promoting Subconscious Traffic Rule Compliance

As responsible citizens, we must follow traffic rules. Both human and animal lives are endangered if these traffic rules are not taken seriously. Moreover, it can cause property damage, further causing financial & emotional damage. Many accidents can be avoided, and people can be saved from injuries and fatal incidents if the rules & regulations imposed by the government are strictly obeyed.

Adherence to traffic rules is a must, and how to do it is discussed here in brief.

Preventive Measures Taken by the Government

Breaking the law results in payment of fines. The traffic police department does regular checking of vehicles, and looking at the severity of the crime, the penalty is decided. One can even end up in jail for infringement of a serious traffic law. Cameras or IOTs can capture the image of the vehicle's number plate and trace the defaulters; hence, there is no escape.

Various hoardings and billboards educate people about the importance of traffic rules wherein the punishment is specifically & clearly displayed. Campaigns are carried out where many NGOs and corporates participate in such widespread drives.

Structural changes on roads by providing different lanes for different types of vehicles have helped to reduce the number of accidents and have forced people to obey the rules at the same time without them being conscious of them.

Strategic Approach to Mend the Behaviour

If people are made to follow the traffic rules, there are fewer chances of breaking them. The use of raised pavement markers and auditory feedback also helps. Pavement marker feedback, also known as Botts' Dots, is made from ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, or thermoplastic paint. The drivers get alerted by moving over rumble strips or any other tactile vibration.

The shining and reflective paint/stickers are used, so drivers easily find them at night and stay in line. They can be either prevented from changing lanes or slowing down when it is dangerous to do so. It is easy to identify such markers and drive smoothly. Stickers of potholes & Clear Board signs are equally useful. There have been proven incidents where pedestrians are guided to walk on a colored pattern, and eventually, they are directed towards the zebra lanes to safely walk on the roads.

Oncoming traffic seldom changes drivers' behavior by merely putting 3D traffic lines. The colored path is fun only until people like them. Nothing of such nature works for a long time. Hence, constant changes in the approach are always the need of the hour.


The government tries to create rules and build infrastructure to make people adhere to necessary rules and regulations while driving or walking on the road. However, it all begins with us, whether to put our life in danger or make it safe by following a few simple rules. Road accidents are becoming more common, and auto insurance is mandatory to reduce the financial burden. If you have purchased a new car (any vehicle) and are searching for the best insurance plans, check them out here.

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