How to claim car insurance for own damage


26 Jul 2023

Read all about how to claim car insurance for own damage. Check out Kotak General Insurance & car insurance online for more information.

The primary purpose of buying a car insurance policy is to get coverage from the insurance company against accidental damages, car theft and losses suffered due to natural disasters. And to get a compensation for the damages to your car you must file a claim. Filing a claim is a simple process, and you must follow specific steps. However, most people tend to get overwhelmed with the whole process. So, if you are filing a claim for the first-time, the following tips will help you get through the process without any hassles.

What is own damage claim?

You can file for this type of claim for damage caused to your car due to accident, vandalism, theft or natural disasters like earthquake, flood, landslide, cyclone, etc.

No matter the cause of damage, you must inform your insurance company within 48 hours of the incident before you file a claim. This is an important protocol you must follow. After you inform the insurer about the damage to your car, they will appoint a surveyor to assess the extent of damage.

The surveyor will submit a detailed report of the damages and give an estimate of the repair cost to the insurer for approval. After the insurer approves your claim request, you can take your vehicle to any of the network garages near you for repair and get a cashless claim. In a cashless claim, you need not pay a single penny from your pocket; the insurer will directly settle the bill with the garage.

If you take your vehicle for repairs at a non-network garage, then you must apply for a reimbursement claim. Here, you must first pay the repair amount from your pocket, and submit the bills to the insurer. After verifying the bills, the insurer will then reimburse the amount within seven days.

Now that you are aware of the steps to file a car insurance claim for your own damage, here are a few important things you must remember.

• You must file a claim within the specified time limit as mentioned in your policy documents. Generally, the limit is 48 hours after the incident. However, the stipulated time for filing a claim may vary from one insurer to another.

• If you are filing a claim for accidental damage, it is advisable to take note of the third-party’s vehicle registration number.

• After the accident, try to collect as much evidence as possible to support your claim. You can click pictures or take a video of the accident site and the damages to your vehicle.

• Try to speak to a few witnesses near the accident side.

• If it is only a minor dent or scratch, it is better to avoid filing a claim as it can affect your no claim bonus.

• The insurer will reject your claim request outrightly if your policy is invalid or if you have outstanding premiums. So, to get compensation from the insurer, make sure to pay the car insurance premium on time.

• Do not move the vehicle from the spot or escape the accident site until the police arrives.

Final Word

Filing a car insurance for own damage is easy. If you know the process and follow it correctly, you can get compensation from the insurer without any hassle. At Kotak General Insurance, we have a simple online claim filing and approval process for customers’ benefit.

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