How does bike insurance keep your electric bike safe from fire?


09 Jun 2023

Fire Protection for Your Electric Bike: How Bike Insurance Ensures Safety

In this era of uncontrolled rising fuel prices, an electric bike is a great choice. Though it is considered safe, many fire incidents have been reported lately. The risk of catching fire to your electric bike is one of the major concerns related to e-vehicles, which can cause major damage to the bikes and scooters. However, bike insurance can help you in case your bike catches fire.

This article will discuss how two-wheeler insurance can save your e-bike from fire.

How to save your e-bike from the fire?

While buying an electric bike, always ensure to go through the safety measures. Electric bikes have lithium-ion batteries and the chances of catching fire rise.

Below are some precautions that you can take to ensure your bike does not catch fire -

  • Always opt for reputed brands.

  • Ask for a registry of warranty from the manufacturer. This is because you will need a valid registration for the battery replacement.

  • Always ensure to use the charger and adapter offered by the manufacturer.

  • Do not use power extension, as a power fluctuation can lead to catching fire.

  • Always keep smoke detectors in the charging area.

  • Keep your e-bike for charge till the time specified by the manufacturer.

  • If you are using a charging station, use the government-authorized one.

  • Do not cover your battery pack and charger during charging.

  • Do not charge your bike near any combustible objects or compounds.

Can bike insurance save your e-bike from a fire?

Buying an electric two-wheeler insurance policy is the best way to save you from the financial burdens that come from your e-bike catching fire. Several insurance providers offer protections from uncertainties such as fire if you purchase a comprehensive electric bike insurance plan. There are two two-wheeler insurance policy that protects your electric bikes from fire -

  • Standalone bike insurance policy

A standalone two-wheeler insurance policy protects you against the damage caused to your own vehicle due to fire - only if there is a visible flame.

  • Comprehensive bike insurance policy

Under a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you will be compensated for your own bike damage caused due to fire or any natural calamities, along with third-party liability.

How to raise a claim for fire damage to your e-bike?

To raise a fire damage claim for your electric bike, you must follow the below steps -

  • File an FIR at the nearest police station.

  • Inform your insurer about the incident.

  • Click the photograph or record a video of the incident.

  • The insurer will ask you to submit documents such as - a driving license, FIR, and RC of the bike, along with a duly filled form.


If your electric bike catches fire, do not panic. Get help from your surroundings and neighbors. Also, recording the incident for evidence can help, and you might require it at the time of raising a claim. Moreover, when purchasing an e-bike, always ask the dealer or manufacturer about the charging & battery maintenance and the guidelines for safety.

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