How car classification impacts the car insurance policy?


21 Jul 2023

Factors that influence car insurance premiums

Nowadays, the cost of owning, maintaining, and operating an automobile, especially a car, is high. You cannot take a chance on an accident or damage and continually pay out of your pocket. If this occurs, owning a car will turn into an expensive responsibility best left to the wealthy. Hence, buying good car insurance with complete coverage is a highly beneficial decision. There are many things to think about when purchasing a car insurance policy, and the premium also changes based on the kind of vehicle you drive.

The car classification will considerably influence the insurance coverage's price. So, let's understand how they impact your car insurance premiums.

What are the different car classifications?

These are the classifications of cars that manufacturers, auto dealers, and insurance firms consider -

• Microcars
Microcars are entry-level vehicles perfect for those switching from two-wheelers to automobiles for the first time. Microcars typically have 2-4 seats, are very lightweight, and have smaller engines. These are the vehicles with the lowest premiums for car insurance.

• Hatchbacks
As they are an improvement over microcars and are amazing for five people, hatchbacks are among the most popular vehicles in the nation. This car classification costs more than microcars but is still fairly cheap; as a result, it has a greater premium than microcars.

• Sedan
The following segment, sedans, likewise have a capacity for five passengers. Yet, they are more useful because of the significantly larger boot space. They are more expensive than hatchbacks and have greater room and luxury equipment, which increases the insurance cost.

• MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle
Multi-purpose vehicles, or MPVs, are large automobiles that can accommodate even more passengers. There is a large selection of vehicles, some as inexpensive as a premium hatchback. For those with a large family, it is perfect.

The most common type of vehicle in the nation is an SUV or sports utility vehicle. They are often substantially larger and built to hold five to seven people. Long journeys are perfect for SUVs, yet they cost about a bit more than sedans.

• Luxury cars
These vehicles, which might be sedans or SUVs, are made by premium automakers. These vehicles are more comfortable and luxuriously equipped than others, which justifies their greater price. Hence, there is an increase in the cost of car insurance.


Car classification is a crucial factor in determining your car insurance premiums. If you buy a car with a higher sticker price, your insurance rate will also increase. Also, less expensive car insurance coverage would be for cheaper vehicles. When you don't have to pay out of cash for all the repairs and compensation, having a car insurance policy is worth every penny. Hence, purchase the finest car insurance policy from the best insurance provider to remain worry-free and financially covered.

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