How can you transfer ownership and insurance of a pre-owned bike


20 May 2023

Step-by-Step Guide: Transferring Ownership and Insurance of a Pre-Owned Bike

Two-wheelers, especially scooters and bikes, are among the most commonly used modes of transport among the youth and middle-class families in India. Not only are they cheaper but also easy to navigate through long queues of traffic. 

Although trying to fit in a newly bought two-wheeler can be difficult at times and so, a second-hand vehicle becomes a great alternative. But buying a second-hand vehicle also comes with some necessary procedures you need to follow. The procedures involve a lot of paperwork regarding the transfer of ownership and, most importantly, the transfer of the existing two-wheeler insurance policy to the vehicle’s new owner.

When you buy a second-hand bike, the following documents must be transferred to your name:

  • RC book

  • Bike ownership

  • Bike insurance policy

 Transfer of these documents to another owner may also be required in case of a public auction or the previous owner’s death. 

Documents required for transferring two-wheeler ownership

1. Correctly filled Form 29 (in case of normal sale), Form 32 (if the vehicle is purchased in an auction), and Form 31 (in case of owner’s death).

2. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

3. Registration Certificate (RC)

4. Sales Receipt

5. Certificate of Insurance

6. Transfer Deed

7. Road tax certificate

8. Valid proof of identity and address, two passport-sized photographs of the buyer 

Additional documents shall be needed for cases where the registered owner has expired. 

Document required for transferring two-wheeler insurance

  • Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Original insurance policy

  • Details of the bike/two-wheeler

  • Date of ownership transfer

  • Details of the paid premium for the original policy

  • Name of the dealer

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the original policyholder

  • Personal details of the seller & buyer with PAN/AADHAR card

  • Driving License 

Steps for transferring two-wheeler ownership

1. Application of transfer is to be submitted by the seller to the RTO where the bike was registered initially.

2. All documents related to the bike must be provided by the seller to the buyer.

3. The buyer must fill out and submit the relevant forms and pay the transfer fees.

4. After the RTO verifies all details, the transfer of ownership of the two-wheeler is confirmed when the buyer receives the new RC. 

Steps for transferring two-wheeler insurance policy

1. Within 14 days of the purchase of the bike, you must apply for the transfer of bike insurance.

2. Select the insurance policy plan that best suits your requirements and budget.

3. Correctly fill up the form with details regarding ownership transfer.

4. Submit all the required documents mentioned above along with form 29/30/Sale deed to your insurance provider.

5. An investigator might be sent by the insurance company in order to create the inspection report.

6. Pay the transfer fee for finalizing the transfer of two-wheeler insurance to your name for the purchased bike.

7. The bike insurance policy shall be transferred to your name once all details have been verified by your insurance provider. 

Research more details about bike insurance policies beforehand to ease the process during the two-wheeler insurance transfer.

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