Here’s What You Need to Know About Traffic Fines Applicable in Goa


06 Jun 2023

Understanding Traffic Fines in Goa

In an attempt to reduce the increasing rates of traffic violations in the country, the government of India proposed an increase in traffic fines for those violating the rules. This new rule was proposed under the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019. Under this act, the existing traffic laws and penalties were revised, and some of them were hiked by around 200% of the original value. It will pressurize the vehicle owners to be responsible and involved in minimum traffic violations.

Status of Goa Traffic Fines

The traffic minister of Goa, in November 2019, announced that he would follow the Gujarat model in Goa, wherein few of the traffic fines will be reduced from the amount suggested by the MV act, while the rest will remain unchanged.

He also announced that the new fines would be applicable from January 2020, owing to the poor conditions of the road.

Traffic Fines Revised in Goa


Previous Fine rates (in INR)

New fine rates (in INR)

Driving a Four-wheeler vehicle without a seat belt

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 500/-

Overloading a two-wheeler

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 100/-

Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 500/-

Obstruction of emergency vehicles like ambulance

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 1000/-

Not having a valid driving license

Rs. 5000/-

  • Rs. 2000/- for two-wheelers

  • Rs. 3000/- for three and four-wheelers

Driving unregistered vehicles

Rs. 5000/-

  • Rs. 1000/- for two-wheeler vehicles

  • Rs. 2000/- for three-wheeler vehicles

  • Rs. 3000/- for four-wheeler vehicles

  • Rs. 5000/- for larger vehicles like trucks, buses, etc.

Driving on the wrong side of the road

  • Rs. 5000/- for first-time offenders

  • Rs. 10,000/- for repeated offenders.

  • Rs. 1500/- for three-wheeler vehicles

  • Rs. 3000/- for light vehicles

  • Rs. 5000/- for heavy vehicles.

(The rate will be double for the second repeating the offense)


  • Rs. 2000/- for light motor vehicles.

  • Rs. 4000/- for heavy motor vehicles.

  • Rs. 1500/- for two-wheeler vehicles.

  • Rs. 2000/- for light motor vehicles.

  • Rs. 4000/- for heavy motor vehicles.

Breaching stipulated pollution standards

Rs. 10,000/-

  • Rs. 1000/- for lightweight two-wheelers.

  • Rs. 3000/- for other vehicles.

List of traffic fines that remain unchanged in Goa

  • Juvenile offenses

  • Driving/riding without valid insurance

  • Drunk driving or riding under the influence of intoxicants.

  • Disregarding traffic signals.

How to pay traffic fines online & offline in Goa?

First, check your e-challan status on the official website for e-challan. After checking the status, you will see the payment option mentioned as "pay now." When you click on this option, you will be redirected to another window that consists of the list of payment options. Choose the option that is convenient for you and complete your payment.

You can visit the local police station or the RTO and pay the fine in cash.

That's all for the traffic fines in Goa. Remember to follow another traffic rule, i.e., have valid & updated auto insurance for your vehicle.

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