Here Is How To Get A Duplicate Copy Of Your Car Insurance Policy


01 Jul 2022

Accidents happen, and insurance policies can get lost. But don't worry – our blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to obtain a duplicate car insurance policy.

A car insurance policy is an important document that must be kept safe throughout the policy term. However, not all is lost if you lose this important document. Keep reading to know how to retrieve it if you lose it.

Apart from being the most important document related to your vehicle, a car insurance policy is also a key document required to file a claim in case of damage. Further, Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 requires you to carry your 3rd party car insurance policy in your vehicle at all times. Hence, it must be kept safe during the policy period. But if you find the document missing, there are steps you can take to get a duplicate copy.

How to Obtain a Duplicate Copy of Your Car Insurance Policy?

You can obtain a duplicate copy of car insurance via two routes- offline and online.

Offline Route

• Inform your insurance provider

The first step is to inform your insurance company about the loss. You can do this via call or email. The insurer will ask you to apply for a duplicate copy.

• Lodge an FIR

Some insurance companies require you to file a police complaint about the lost policy document. A copy of the FIR has to be submitted with the application.

• Place an advertisement

Along with the FIR, you will also need to publish an advertisement in a local daily newspaper. The ad shows that you've taken all the necessary steps to retrieve your lost document.

• Submit the application

Once you have the FIR and advertisement ready, you can file a written application to your insurer requesting a duplicate copy of your car insurance. The application should contain your policy details, such as your name, policy number, issue date, and coverage type. You will also need to outline the circumstances under which you lost your document.

• Sign an indemnity Bond

The final step is to sign an indemnity bond where you agree to compensate your insurer in case of loss due to misuse of the original policy document. The bond must be signed in the presence of two witnesses and acknowledged by a notary.

Once you complete all these steps, your insurance company will process your request for a duplicate copy.

Online Route

A quicker and easier alternative to the offline route is downloading the duplicate copy of your policy document online. For a car insurance policy purchased online, follow the steps below to download a duplicate copy of the same:

• Open the official website of your insurer

• Select the option to download a policy copy.

• Provide the necessary particulars such as the policy number, name, email id, etc.

• A copy of the policy will be sent to you in your mail after verification of your details.

• Download and print the document for future use

Final word

Getting a duplicate policy document may not be difficult, but being cautious before is better than repenting later. So always make a digital copy of your original document so you can easily produce it at times of need.

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