Here is a checklist of documents to carry while riding a bike


25 Jul 2023

Carry 4 docs & follow traffic rules while riding a bike in India. Read our guide & Check out Kotak General Insurance & bike insurance policy for more information.

If you are a bike owner in India, you may have noticed traffic police randomly stopping the bikers at signals and junctions and asking them to show their licence, and other important bike-related documents. You may also have such an experience at some point if you ride a bike.

One of the reasons why traffic authorities ask the bikers to showcase the papers is to ensure that everyone obeys the law. People who do not comply with the traffic rules and don’t carry the necessary documents are asked to pay the fine.

So, if you are not aware of the list of documents you must carry every time you are on the road. Here is a complete checklist for your perusal.

Driving licence

Driving licence is an important document that permits the holder to legally ride a two-wheeler on public roads. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) issues the driving licence after you pass the driving test. The licence contains details of the type of two-wheeler you are allowed to ride, i.e., with gear or without gear. So, if you have a licence to drive bikes that don’t have gear, make sure that you comply with the rules.

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all bike owners in India must compulsorily carry a valid driving licence when they are riding on the road. You must either carry a physical copy of the licence or you can have a digital copy that is linked to government authorised apps like DigiLocker.

Registration certificate

Registration certificate, which is better known by its acronym, RC, is one of the most important documents you must carry with you while riding a bike in India. RC confirms that you are the rightful owner of the bike, and it is registered with the RTO. The RC looks like the Aadhaar or Pan Card and it contains critical information like bike registration number, bike model and name, and owner details.

PUC certificate

Pollution under check or PUC certificate certifies that your bike’s emission levels are within the permissible limits, meaning your bike does not pose a serious threat to the environment. The road transport authorities issue the PUC certificate after conducting a thorough test on the two-wheeler.

A PUC certificate is usually valid for six months. This means, you must get your bike tested and renew the certificate every six months.

Bike insurance policy

Bike insurance is probably the most important document you must have while riding a bike in India. As per the law, you must have at least a third party insurance cover. Apart from complying with the law, bike insurance policy helps you get financial protection against accidental damages.

Given the high risk associated with riding a bike, it is better to purchase a comprehensive policy. It helps you get coverage against both third-party liabilities and own damages.

Other basic traffic rules you must know about and follow while riding a bike in India

• Always wear a helmet. If you are riding with a pillion, ensure that they wear a helmet too.

• Don’t ride without the mandatory documents mentioned above.

• Maintain lane discipline and drive within the speed limits

• Use turn indicators to intimate others that you are taking a right or left turn

• Don’t honk unnecessarily

• Never ride with more than one pillion rider

• Do not ride on footpaths

• Be aware of the RTO fines for breaking traffic rules and laws.

Now that you are aware of the important documents to carry and other traffic rules, make sure that you comply with the rules. For insurance, you can consider buying the Kotak Long Term Two Wheeler Secure, the policy that gives you the flexibility to choose the coverage tenure and offers a host of other benefits.

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