Heres Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Fines in Maharashtra


06 Jun 2023

Complete Guide to Traffic Fines in Maharashtra

Road fatalities on the road are increasing every day due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Maharashtra ranks second on the chart of states with the highest number of road casualties. Even in other cities around India, cases of fatal accidents have increased over the years. This has caused the Indian government to make amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 in order to avoid casualties on the road. Let's understand.

Motor Vehicle Act, 2019

The Government of India has amended the MV Act, 1988, to impose updated traffic fines in the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. Maharashtra became one of the several states implementing the imposition of traffic fines in order to curb the breaking of traffic rules. The new, revised fines have been implemented from 21st September 2019.

Rates of Fines in Maharashtra

The rates of traffic fines as implemented in Maharashtra from 21st September 2019 under the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019 are given below.

Traffic Violations

Penalty (in INR) (Implemented from 21st September 2019)

Driving or Riding without a License

Fine of ₹5000 INR or Community Service

Over Speeding

LMV(Light Motor Vehicle): ₹1000INR – ₹2000 INR

MPV/LTV: ₹2000 INR – ₹4000 INR along with license seizure

Driving or Riding without motor vehicles insurance

Imprisonment for up to three months, community service, or/and a traffic fine of up to ₹2000 INR. ₹4000 INR in case of repeated offense.

Driving or Riding while using mobile

₹5000 INR

Racing or Speeding on roads

  • For first-time offenders: Imprisonment of up to three months, community service, and/or a fine of up to ₹5000 INR

  • For repeat offenders: Imprisonment of up to one year, community service/₹10,000 INR

Riding without Helmet

₹1000 INR, community service for up to three months, or/and license disqualification.

Driving without the seat belt on

₹1000 INR or/and community service

Drunk driving or riding

  • For the first time offenders: 6 months imprisonment or/and a fine of ₹1000 INR

  • For repeat offenders: 2 years of imprisonment or/and a fine of ₹15,000 INR

Overloading two-wheeler vehicles

₹1000 INR, or/and license disqualification with community service for three months

Overloading vehicles

₹20,000 INR

Overboarding cars with passengers

₹200 INR for each extra passenger

Driving oversized vehicles

₹5000 INR - ₹10,000 INR or/and community service

Driving or riding without proper Registration

  • ₹5000 INR for first-time offenders.

  • ₹10,000 INR for repeat offenders

Vehicles without a proper Permit

₹10,000 INR and/or Imprisonment of up to six months with community service

Unauthorized usage of Vehicles without a proper License

₹1000 INR – ₹5000 INR

Juvenile Offenses

  • Fine of ₹25,000 INR with up to three years of Imprisonment.

  • Registration cancellation for one year.

  • Ineligible for the license until 25 years of age.

Dangerous Driving or Riding

Imprisonment between 6 months and one year or/and a fine of ₹1000 INR – ₹5000 INR

Violation of Red Regulations

₹500 INR – ₹1000 INR


Not obeying proper traffic rules will attract traffic fines in any city in India. So be a responsible driver/passenger when driving/riding in order to avoid road accidents for your safety and that of others.

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