Here are seven tips for retaining your cars value


21 Jul 2023

Tips to help you get the best resale deal for your car

Did you just buy your first car? If yes, you would want to build a lot of memories with it and keep driving. However, if it is your first car, the chances are high that you will eventually upgrade it or trade it in for a new car a couple of years down the line. In such times, the resale value of your car can play a crucial role. There are quite a few benefits of taking good care of your car, right from better resale to an easier car insurance policy.

7 tips for retaining your car’s value:

Though it might seem too early, taking care of your car right from the first day will only make the ownership experience even more rewarding for you. These tips will aid you.

1. Cleaning your car regularly:
As you drive your car and park it at different places, there are chances that your car will collect a lot of grime, tree sap, dust and even bird poo. And it becomes difficult to clean as they age. Cleaning and waxing the car will keep the paint intact for a longer duration.

2. Follow the maintenance schedule:
A car that follows the maintenance schedule regularly will age better. As you follow the schedule of maintenance of the car, you reduce the chances of unwanted breakdowns. And you can easily spot any issues with the car.

3. Cleaning the tyres and lights:
It is important that you maintain your lights and tyres properly. Ensure that you polish and wax the headlights regularly. Use tyre cleaners, as they will enable you to identify any problems with the tyre and keep them looking new. Do note that car insurance policies do not cover damage to tyres.

4. Keep your interiors clean:
The interiors of the car can get dirty quite quickly, even more so if you have a child in the house. Ensure that you clean the interiors regularly with wax and other products. You can also opt for car detailing for better interiors.

5. Repair dents on time:
It is common to get scratches and dents on your car. Make sure that you repair them on time. Some of the deeper scratches can result in rusting, which is not ideal. You can claim your car insurance policy for some of the repairs. You can compare car insurance online for better deals and coverage.

6. Protect your car:
Make sure that you park your car under shade and do not leave it out in the open. If there is no other option, make sure to use a car cover.

7. Avoid a lot of modification:
If you are planning to resale your car, it is important not to make a lot of modifications. The new buyer might or might not like the modification, making it a bit difficult for you to find buyers.


The above tips will help you secure a good deal while reselling your car. A crucial part of owning a car has an adequate car insurance policy. You can compare car insurance online to save on premiums and get better coverage.

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