Helmet safety ratings A guide to buying a new helmet


24 Jul 2023

Guide for buying a best helmet

The motorbike helmet rating is important for you to know as it helps you choose the right helmet that is genuinely safe. Without the rating or certification, the chances of better safety decrease when you, unfortunately, get into a crash. The best part is that the safest helmets will cushion your head from impacts with more rigid surfaces. Moreover, the helmet safety ratings will make you feel secure while riding. Talking of safety, you should always have your bike insurance updated for financial safety when in an accident.

Motorcycle helmet safety ratings

You can choose which type of motorcycle helmet to purchase by reading ahead in detail about each motorcycle helmet grade.


The SNELL is the best certification available. It meets the highest standards, which a regular helmet finds difficult to meet. Additionally, the Snell Memorial Foundation promises wearers complete safety, and unlike other institutions, this foundation uses a special technique to evaluate the helmets. The SNELL-certified helmet's reliability will guarantee that it can withstand the harshest impacts.


• Double-checking the quality

• Examines the interior of the helmet

• Efficient shock absorbent requirement

• Guarantees the rider's protection

• Extensive testing


• Time-consuming

• Expensive

• For faster speeds, the energy rating is lower.

SHARP (Safety Helmet Assistance and Rating Program)

The SHARP testing is conducted in a laboratory, which involves scientific methods. It is among the most respectable and well-known testing protocols to determine motorbike helmet safety ratings. Since its foundation in 2007, this company has conducted motorcycle helmet testing alongside other organizations. This company employs its promising safety standards and procedures when testing bike helmets. Using the European Crash data, SHARP assesses & gives a color-coding safety rating for various helmet sections.


• Lab testing

• Abstract and run 32 testing

• Conducts a thorough impact test


• More enhancements are required.

D.O.T. (Department of Transportation)

The U.S. Department of Transportation has a standard known as D.O.T. regulations. The governmental organization D.O.T. is not directly associated with the testing process. Instead, helmet producers must make goods that adhere to the regulations. D.O.T. regulates the penetration barrier, impact rejection, field of view, and many other things for better helmet safety ratings. By checking for a D.O.T. label on any of the helmet's components, you can determine whether it satisfies these requirements or not.


• Each helmet takes a minimum of 2 hits to evaluate its endurance.

• The bike helmets that are D.O.T. certified can withstand 400g of pressure

• D.O.T. technicians are permitted to bang the motorbike helmet against any surface


• No optical tests

• The assessment is not carried out independently

• Not all of D.O.T.'s features have been put to the test

• Fewer impacts on the headpiece


Numerous factors, including safety elements, fit, finish, design, usability, weight, and visibility, must be considered while selecting the proper headgear. All the helmet certifications and ratings we discussed have benefits and limitations.

With this thorough advice, making an educated decision while purchasing your next headwear won't be a problem. Also, keep in mind that having bike insurance is also essential as per the traffic rules, which saves you from a loss in times of accidents.

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