Get these common two-wheeler brake issues fixed ASAP!!


20 Jun 2023

Ensure your safety and avoid accidents by fixing these common two-wheeler brake issues quickly

Bike rides can be thrilling, but the thrill can turn fatal if you are riding with a faulty brake. Even if you have two-wheeler insurance, brake issues won't be covered by your policy. Hence, you need to be vigilant when it comes to faulty brakes and ensure they are in pristine condition all the time.

If you do not understand much about how to identify or fix two-wheeler brake problems, here are a few common ones to bring you up to speed.

  1. Leaking or insufficient brake fluid

Brake fluid leakage can be very dangerous and must be fixed at the earliest. You can identify leaking brake fluid as a slippery light yellow to brownish color leak. If there is an inadequate amount of brake fluid in your bike, you may experience a complete brake failure and a host of other problems in your bike. Brake fluid leakage can have various causes, and the only solution is to locate the cause and source of the leak and get it fixed.

  1. Brake fade

Fading brakes essentially mean that the brakes have been worn out due to regular or excessive use. Brakes can get worn out due to prolonged or rough use, as increasing temperature and friction can damage them. This can cause instant brake failure and even lead to problems with the brake fluid. If the brakes have been damaged to a great extent, they will need to be replaced.

  1. Master cylinder misalignment

The master cylinder is an important component of the brake system. In case it is not aligned properly, it will cause the wrong amount of pressure when one steps on the brakes. It can cause brake failure, imbalance, leakage of brake fluid, and other issues. This problem can be avoided by properly mounting the master cylinder on the braking system.

  1. Overheated brakes and binding

Brake binding and overheating is likely the most common two-wheeler brake problem. Binding or dragging of the brakes tends to bind the liner to the brake drum. It usually causes overheating of the brakes. Overheating can also occur due to high brake fluid levels, jammed brake shoes, prolonged use, defective springs, etc. This can be rectified by lubricating this anchor pin, checking brake fluid levels, reboring the caliper, replacing the piston, etc.

  1. Air in the brake line

Air bubbles can occur in the brake line due to fluid leakage. Air can be present in disc brake assembly and cause varying issues. The only solution is to get the bike serviced at a reputable service station.

As mentioned earlier, brakes are a crucial part of any bike that is integral for the safety of the rider and the bike. Even with two-wheeler insurance, brake care, and maintenance are your responsibility. If you do not have enough experience with brake care, ensure that you take the bike for regular servicing and get it checked.

Although Bike insurance may not cover regular wear and tear and maintenance of the brake, it is always smart to have a good two-wheeler insurance policy. This can help you have financial security in case of bike accidents or damages during natural calamities and theft.

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