Get these 10 important biking accessories for yourself this christmas


24 Jul 2023

Read about 10 important biking accessories for yourself this christmas. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Christmas is a season filled with gifts & love, and not just for others but for yourself too! For those who love biking, think about some biking accessories you should give yourself this Christmas.

Below is a list of 10 biking accessories to make it easier for you.

1. New balaclava and helmet

Your first gift to yourself should be a new balaclava and helmet. A brand-new helmet shields your face and head in the event of an accident. Moreover, the helmet & balaclava give you more protection from the chilly winds that blow in your face.

2. Gloves for winter

While riding on a bike during winter, one significant issue that comes up is that your fingers are exposed to the wind making your knuckles almost completely freeze. It not only makes your hands utterly unpleasant, but it also affects your braking time and handling control. Hence, for an improved grip and to prevent your hands from freezing, you must buy yourself biking gloves for winter.

3. Bike boots and jacket

Only a few people are aware of the value of having the right riding equipment, but having a high-quality riding suit may significantly improve wind protection and safety. To keep the wind from chilling your body and guarding your body, you must buy yourself a strong leather boot and jacket with kevlar protection.

4. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Maintaining the proper tire pressure is crucial at all times, but it is especially important during the winter with the risk of fog limiting your sight and roads being slick. In the event of severe braking, the proper tire pressure can avoid wheel locking and tire slippage.

5. Mobile holder and charger

Having a reliable mobile holder and charger will help you utilize navigation apps on your smartphone during bike riding.

6. LED fog lamps with projector DRLs

If you wish to ride a bike safely in the winter, you must buy LED fog lamps with projector DRLs. It is mainly because fog and mist can seriously impair visibility while riding during winter.

7. Insurance coverage for your bike

A thorough bike insurance coverage from a reputable and decent insurance provider is essential. Since the danger of accidents is significantly greater in the winter, having insurance coverage may be quite reassuring.

8. Tank bag with clear flip window

A tank bag with a clear flip window is attached to the petrol tank of your motorcycle. Your phone and other important documents can be kept in this bag.

9. Saddle bags

You must purchase a saddle bag if you plan to take a long bike ride during the winter. It will let you carry a lot of stuff on your bike without giving any risk to its balance.

10. Bike maintenance kit

A bike maintenance kit is another excellent Christmas purchase for your bike. It includes various necessary items like fluids, oil, and microfiber cloth that you may need to use.

These were the ten essential things you should consider buying for enhanced performance & safety during bike riding. Hope it helps!!

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