Get comprehensive bike insurance for loss of personal electronic equipment.


20 May 2023

Complete Protection: Exploring Bike Insurance with Coverage for Personal Electronic Equipment Loss

Getting a good insurance plan is the first thing you should do after purchasing a bike. The bike insurance plan financially guards you against any potential losses or damages brought on by any disasters, whether they are caused by nature or human activity. 

Although the insurance may cover your bike, it does not cover the loss of personal electronic equipment or any of your prized possessions that are lost along with the bike. If your bike is stolen, the insurance provider is only responsible for compensating you for the bike and not for your personal possessions. So, how would you secure your personal items, such as your mobile phone? Let's see. 

What is the personal electronic equipment add-on cover in bike insurance?

As the name implies, the add-on cover provides insurance for any loss of personal electronic equipment that may have been taken in addition to your covered bike. Comprehensive insurance, a stand-alone own-damage package policy, or an upgrade at the time of a policy renewal are all options for purchasing the coverage. Your insurance will refund the insured sum specified for the stolen items that were present at the time of the theft after taking into account the depreciation for those items, in a similar manner done for the stolen bike. 

Policy for two-wheeler packages - personal electronic equipment add-on

The insurance provider will make a payment up to the amount insured in the add-on cover for the loss of the policyholder's personal electronic equipment left with the bike. Moreover, own-damage two-wheeler insurance can be purchased with this add-on cover. 


The following are the add-on cover's exclusions:

  • Loss of data that has been stored.

  • Damages brought on by the policyholder's negligence.

  • Any claim made more than 30 days after the loss.

  • Personal electronic devices that are used in the course of any business or commerce are lost or damaged.


What paperwork is needed to submit a claim for loss of personal electronic equipment add-on?

When you report your vehicle as stolen, there are specific protocols that must be followed. Similarly, to this, you must provide certain paperwork when you make a claim for the personal items that were in your stolen bike. You must include the following in your claim in order for it to be considered legitimate for this benefit:

  • The electrical devices' original invoice.

  • Documented evidence that the personal property is yours.

  • FIR copy from the neighborhood police.


Benefits of personal electronic equipment add-on for bike

The following are some advantages of bike insurance add-on cover for personal electronic equipment:

  • Less financial strain

  • You may relax knowing that the insurance provider will cover the cost of the consumables.

  • Engine and gearbox oil are covered.

  • End-to-End security for your insured vehicle.

  • Broader coverage with regard to claim settlement. 


You may protect your bike and your personal equipment by choosing the most appropriate, cost-effective, and unique option by keeping in mind these types and benefits. Hence, the next time you get bike insurance online, be sure to include add-on coverage and obtain protection against any theft or loss of personal electronic equipment.

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