Fueling change: BS4 vs. BS6 - performance, engine, norms, and more


17 Jan 2024

Navigating Change: The BS4 to BS6 Transition with Kotak General Insurance

In the world of motor vehicles, fuel efficiency and emission standards have always been topics of high priority. Two significant contributors to this dialogue are BS4 & BS6 fuels. By adopting higher emission norms, countries across the globe are pushing for more sustainable mobility solutions. But what does this transition imply for your vehicle and your vehicle insurance online?

Understanding BS4 & BS6 fuels

BS4, also known as Bharat Stage 4, was an emission standard in India, regulated by the Central Pollution Control Board. It represented the fourth stage of the country’s emission standards and aimed to minimise the emission of harmful pollutants from vehicles. Similarly, BS6 is the sixth and latest stage of these norms, implemented on April 1, 2020.

BS6 fuels have an exceptionally low sulphur content (approximately 10 ppm) compared to BS4 fuels. This drastic reduction in sulphur levels leads to decreased particulate matter emissions, thereby causing less harm to the environment.

Implication for your performance and engine

The implementation of the BS6 fuel has sparked worries among many about the performance of vehicles designed for BS4 fuel. However, tests have revealed that the BS6 fuel's impact on a BS4 engine is relatively negligible, and drivers won’t observe a notable difference in performance.

Despite the low impact on performance, using BS6 fuel can significantly improve your vehicle’s emission standards. The change to cleaner fuels translates to fewer emissions, making for a greener driving experience.

Changes in vehicle insurance

The introduction of the BS6 emission norms brought about a significant impact on motor insurance and the general insurance sector. With the stricter emission norms, there's an inevitable shift towards higher-priced BS6 vehicles.

Insurers like Kotak General Insurance offer motor insurance that takes these changes into account, providing policyholders with a wide range of covers for their BS6 vehicles. The switch from BS4 to BS6 fuel also demands changes in your vehicle insurance online, given that it might affect your car’s overall value and maintenance costs.

Role of general insurance

In this era of change, general insurance companies are doing their part to help ease the transition for vehicle owners. Kotak General Insurance, has begun to offer policies designed specifically for BS6-compliant vehicles. These policies ensure that vehicle owners can maintain fuel efficiency while complying with new emission standards.

This crucial shift in the motor insurance sector aims to promote the adoption of cleaner fuels and more efficient vehicles, providing insurance solutions that encourage environmentally friendly driving.

Fuel efficiency and emission standards

The move from BS4 to BS6 fuel has undoubtedly pushed the limits of fuel efficiency and emission standards in the vehicle industry. The stricter norms call for smarter driving choices and more innovative motor insurance solutions, driving significant changes in the sector.


The shift from BS4 to BS6 comes with some challenges, such as choosing the right vehicle insurance online and maintaining the health of older vehicle models. However, the environmental benefits and fuel efficiency that the BS6 norms bring are undeniably valuable. So, whether you're purchasing a new BS6-compliant vehicle or updating your car insurance cover, make sure to stay informed and choose wisely. After all, this isn't just about change, but progress.

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