Frugal car care: Money-saving strategies to prevent wear and tear


18 Jan 2024

Smart car maintenance: Kotak General Insurance insights

Car maintenance is an integral part of car ownership. Although it’s not quite as thrilling as a long drive on a holiday, it is essential to make your holiday car drives smooth and hassle-free. Maintaining a valid car insurance is also an integral part of car maintenance. The market is loaded with innumerable car insurance products, including car insurance from Kotak General Insurance, a promising competitor in the sector.

This article will highlight some of the most pocket-friendly solutions to prolong the longevity of your beloved four-wheeler beauty. Exercising these small but significant tips will aid you in avoiding hefty repair and replacement costs, especially in the long run.

Frugal tips for car maintenance

Below are frugal tips for maintaining your car:

Check the spare tyres

It goes without saying, that while driving, you must always ensure to maintain perfect air pressure on all four tyres. However, every once in a while, you must also check the tyre pressure of the stepney or the extra tyre. Once each month is sufficient.

Oil change

Oil problems have been categorised as one of the most expensive ones. Never skip oil changing. It includes proper examination and alteration of the oil filters too as required. It is better to change the oil after every 10000 km or as mentioned in the manual. It varies from one vehicle to another. You can easily search for “car maintenance near me” and seek professional help in this regard.

Clean battery

Always ensure to monitor your car battery, at least once every 6 months for any indication of corrosion or rust. It may even develop sudden cracks. Regular inspection is necessary is essential to avoid any unfavourable circumstances like getting stranded during your journey course.

Brake pad replacement

Always check the brake fluid during oil change, ensuring it has not turned dark. If it has developed a dark tone, it needs immediate changing.

Tyre rotation

All four tyres of your car never experience equivalent wear and tear. Therefore, tyre rotation is a crucial tactic to improve their longevity and save your precious bucks.

Monitor the springs, shocks, and suspension

Ideally, your suspension, shocks, and springs require monitoring every 40000 km. It may vary depending on the make and model of the concerned vehicle. Regular monitoring will lead to early detection of any fault(s) developing in any of these systems so that you can proceed with repairing it immediately.

Coolant check

Coolant is critical for temperature maintenance of the engine and eventually, the overall health of your vehicle. Ensure to maintain the optimum coolant level consistently for smooth performance. You must also consider checking the belt that is responsible for coolant circulation through the radiator. A worn-out belt adversely affects car health in more ways than one.

Spark plug check

It is best to replace the spark plug after every 40000 km., depending on the capacity of the concerned vehicle. It is a meagre amount than a major engine overhauling.

To wrap it up

Car maintenance is easy, especially if you maintain comprehensive car insurance. You can easily purchase online car insurance.

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