Follow these essential tips to increase your bikes longevity


24 Jul 2023

Wish to increase your bike’s longevity? Follow these essential tips!

Whether you are a bike enthusiast or not, purchasing a two-wheeler requires you to spend your hard-earned money. The vehicle becomes a valued item regardless of whether it is a shiny new bike or a second-hand one. For this reason, you put a lot of effort into caring for it.

Everyone hopes for a longer lifespan for their bike, even if they buy a used one from someone else. Increasing longevity for your bike comes from proper maintenance and some other factors that safeguard it from any damage possible. It is important to take care of such factors not only to increase the bike’s life but also to keep its performance at an optimum level throughout.

One factor that is crucial above all other factors is having valid bike insurance for your two-wheeler. Look for bike insurance online if you do not already have one, or be sure to have your bike insurance renewal done within time.

Having a valid bike insurance policy will not only save you from any legal trouble on the road but also safeguard your savings against unexpected accidents which lead to vehicle damage.

Let’s find out more about things you can do to keep your bike running strong for a longer time!

Tips to improve your bike’s performance & increase its lifespan

Here are certain basic tips that you can follow to improve and maintain your bike’s performance. These shall allow your bike to perform well for a longer span!

1. Clean it regularly

Servicing is essential for every vehicle, but you cannot have your vehicle serviced too often. So, make sure you clean your bike regularly on your own as well. The bike’s frame and structure can be corroded by mud, grime, dirt, and other particles, which may also enter the engine and fuel tank. If not cleaned, these particles can lead to major damage. Your bike’s chain and paint can also be affected by mud, further reducing its longevity. So, keep your bike away from such damage by cleaning it at least once every week.

2. Send your bike for routine servicing.

Don’t miss routine servicing of your bike! Even if you have it all cleaned up, servicing done by professionals helps diagnose any underlying issues, if any, so that you can get those issues fixed as soon as possible. This will also avoid any major damage.

3. Change the engine oil regularly.

Engine oil is the most significant component that maintains the smooth functioning of your bike. It safeguards the engine from any wear and tear. So, ensure using the right engine oil and changing it regularly.

4. Keep the spark plug well-maintained

If the spark plug becomes loose or dirty, it may lead to the failure of the bike’s ignition system. Maintaining this component ensures good engine performance as well as smooth ignition.

5. Minimize any modifications

While modifications can make your bike more attractive, too much of it lowers the bike’s longevity. So, minimize them as much as possible.

Before you take it out for a ride, keep these tips in mind, and don’t forget to have the bike insurance documents handy. Also, do the bike insurance renewal on time to evade any financial losses and benefits that insurance companies provide to their regular customers.

Most importantly, ride your bike safely while following all the rules.

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