27 Jul 2022

5 tips for reducing bike pollution: switching to electric bikes, maintaining a steady speed etc. Check out Kotak General Insurance's bike insurance policy today.

Over the years, the number of vehicles, especially two-wheelers plying on Indian roads have increased significantly. Experts suggest that the increasing number of vehicles is a major contributor to the air pollution in India. Many cities like Mumbai and Delhi have been facing serious pollution-related issues as the air quality index is continuing to drop.

Even as the government is taking many steps to reduce the pollution, as a bike owner, you can contribute to the cause. Discussed below are a few effective tips to reduce pollution.

Turn off the engine at signals

In India, the traffic signals generally last for more than a minute. And, while you wait for the signal to turn green, you waste a lot of fuel. Not to mention, the emission from the bike adds to the air pollution. So, if you are waiting at the signal, and you have more than 30 seconds left, it is advisable to turn off the engine. This simple step can significantly help in reducing pollution levels.

Switch to electric bikes

The electric bikes and cars have revolutionised the automobile industry. Today, you no longer have to worry about the smoke coming from your bike’s silencer or the tailpipe that causes pollution. With the growing awareness among people of the increasing vehicular pollution, electric bikes have gained immense popularity worldwide. So, if you want to cut down the emission completely, you can switch to an electric bike.

Maintain a steady speed

Sudden acceleration, and constant braking leads to increased fuel consumption compared to when you are cruising at a steady speed. This is one of the reasons why your bike provides more mileage on an empty highway than in a city with heavy traffic.

So, you must always try to drive at a specific speed consistently. This directly results in less fuel consumption, reduced emission and minimal pollution.

Get your bike PUC tested periodically

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, all bike owners in India must have a valid PUC or Pollution Under Control certificate at all times when they drive on public roads. It is a certificate issued by the RTO (Road Transport Office) that states if the bike’s emission level is under the permissible level or not.

The authorities conduct a series of tests on the bike before issuing the certificate. So, to ensure that your bike’s emission level is not above the permitted limits, it is vital that you get your bike PUC tested periodically.

Walk or peddle it out

The ultimate way to reduce fuel consumption and pollution level is to reduce the use of your bike as much as possible. If you want to travel a short distance, you can walk it out or use a bicycle. Alternatively, you can dedicate a couple of days in a week when you don’t use the bike at all. This will have a significant impact on the global carbon footprint. Also, walking and cycling provides a great workout to your body and helps you be fit.

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