Facts you must know before going for Bike Modification


24 Jul 2023

Read about Facts you must know before going for Bike Modification. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Many bike enthusiasts love being a spendthrift when it comes to their two-wheeler, or specifically, bike modification. They do so to change and alter the aesthetics of the bike. Also, it is terrific to keep your motorcycle upgraded, as it improves appearance and performance.

But did you know though modifications are no big deal, they can upset the traffic rules and get you into serious problems? This is simply because you are not aware of some of the critical factors of bike modification.

If you are hell-bent on modifying your bike, this is a must-read!

What kind of bike modification is considered illegal?

A high court decision from January 2019 states that the bike cannot have any structural changes. Chassis metal cutting, welding, spray painting, and fitting are the primary modification techniques and structural changes.

The fundamental idea that prevents the Indian government from promoting motorbike modification is the risk to life. There is a greater probability of endangering security while on the road because the reliability of this customized equipment has yet to be established. Due to this, the authorities are unable to oppose the altering lunatics. However, only a few modifications are allowed per section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

What bike modifications are legal in India?

There are a few factors you should be aware of before you modify your two-wheeler. The IDV of your motorcycle might be affected by such adjustments in either a good or negative manner, according to the alteration you choose.

Security modifications

A safety upgrade, such as installing anti-theft equipment, will improve the security of your bike. Due to the somewhat decreased likelihood of your bike being stolen due to these changes, the insurance is less likely to be required to compensate you. If the risk decreases, you are much more likely to receive a cheaper premium quote.

Aesthetic modifications

The majority of aesthetic modifications only enhance your bike's artistic or face value. They in no way improve its performance. A stylish bike, however, is more expensive and more likely to be stolen. If the bike is damaged in an accident or gets stolen, your insurance provider will compensate the insured amount for it.

Performance modifications

Increased speed, improved riding comfort, or improved fuel efficiency might result from alterations. Insurance companies are suspicious of performance indicators, especially when they affect driving and acceleration. Accidents and excessive damage to the body are other concerns. They also raise the likelihood that the insurer will be responsible.


Remember that even a minor bike modification can change the insurance premiums and some other guidelines. Not informing your insurance provider about the bike modifications might cause trouble and can make your insurance coverage void.

If your bike is involved in a collision and the insurer finds a change, they may outright decline to pay your claim. Hence, keeping your insurance provider informed at all times is crucial. Also, if you truly like to proceed, be aware of all the consequences and be certain you only deal with those with expertise.

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