Factors that affect the premium of sports car


24 Jul 2023

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In India, many people dream of owning a sports car. Those who own sports, it may be one of their most prized possessions. These cars are in a league of their own, and have an in-comparable charm. Given the high price of these cars, it is your responsibility to safeguard them with a robust car insurance policy that provides wide coverage.

Factors affecting premium of sports car

IDV (Insured declared value)

The IDV or insured declared value of the vehicle is a critical factor that insurance companies consider while determining the premium for sports cars. IDV is the maximum compensation that the insurer pays upon total loss or theft of the vehicle. As compared to regular vehicles, the risks associated with sports are high because of the fast speed and powerful engines. Consequently, the IDV and premium for such cars are high.

Cost of spare parts

The spare parts of fast cars are specially made of high-quality materials, and therefore, they are expensive. If you get involved in an accident with your sports car, the cost of replacing these components will be much higher than those for regular vehicles.

Also, sometimes because of the limited manufacturing, the spare parts of the sports vehicles can be difficult to find, and you may have to import it from overseas. Because of all these factors, when you file a claim for damages to a sports car, the payout will be higher.

To mitigate the risk of high payment, the insurers charge a higher premium for sports cars.

Vehicle usage

The more you drive your sports car, more are the chances of meeting with an accident. So, if you drive your sports car frequently, be ready to pay a higher car insurance premium. However, you can reduce your premium, if you own a regular car, and use the sports car occasionally.

Probability of theft

Apart from being fast, sports cars look extremely appealing and attractive. They also attract the fancy of many anti-social elements, increasing the likelihood of theft. If a sports car is stolen, the cost of replacing it will be much higher than a regular car. So, if you park your car in the open or live in an area where car theft is common, you must pay a high car insurance premium.

Add-ons needed for sports vehicle

While it is mandatory for all car owners in India to have third-party insurance cover, you can get comprehensive car insurance. It helps you get coverage against third-party liabilities and own damages. Also, if you have comprehensive insurance, you can purchase add-ons and get additional protection for your sports car.

Some of the best add-ons you can buy for your sports car, include:

Zero depreciation cover

Depreciation applies to all automobiles. When you file a claim, the insurer deducts the depreciation amount before making the final settlement, meaning you have to bear the difference amount from your pocket. If you own a sports car, this amount could be high.

However, you can avoid this additional expense by purchasing zero depreciation cover. It allows you to get a full settlement from the insurer. While this rider may increase the car insurance premium, you can save a significant amount in the long run when you file a claim.

Engine protection cover

The engine of a sports car is the most important component. It is like the brain and heart of the car. Although most sports cars have cutting-edge design, any repair to the engine or engine pairs may cost a significant amount. If you have an engine protection cover, the insurer will pay for its repair or replacement cost up to the maximum policy’s limit.

Final Word

Sports cars are attractive, fast, and favourite among many. So, to safeguard these expensive machines against damages you must be ready to pay a higher premium. You can choose insurance cover, Kotak Car Secure policy for your prized possession from our Car insurance page.

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