Exploring motorcycle choices based on cubic capacity (CC) that you can buy


30 Oct 2023

Explore motorcycle options by CC with Kotak bike insurance

One of the key elements to consider is the cubic capacity (CC) of the engine when it comes to motorcycle choices. CC for bike refers to the volume of the engine's combustion chambers and is an important determinant of a motorcycle's power and performance. Kotak general insurance provides an idea of different motorcycle choices based on cubic capacity and how you can ensure their financial protection through bike insurance.

Understanding cubic capacity (CC)

Bike cubic capacity, often referred to as engine displacement, is a measure of the total volume swept by all the pistons inside the engine's combustion chambers. It is typically measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or liters (L). The higher the CC, the more powerful and potentially faster the motorcycle.

Motorcycles with low CC (Up to 150cc)

Motorcycles with low CC engines are lightweight, nimble, and easy to handle. They are are popular among beginners, city commuters, and riders who prioritise fuel efficiency. These motorcycles are typically more affordable and economical to insure, making them a good choice for budget-conscious riders.

Motorcycles with mid-range CC (150cc - 500cc)

Motorcycles in the mid-range CC category are suitable for riders who seek a blend of city commuting convenience and occasional highway cruising. These motorcycles provide better acceleration and are capable of handling longer rides comfortably. They offer a balance between power, performance and fuel efficiency. Two-wheeler bike insurance premiums for mid-range motorcycles are generally higher than the low CC category due to their increased performance capabilities.

Motorcycles with high CC (500cc and above)

High CC motorcycles are known for their exceptional power and speed. They come with advanced features and technologies, making them more expensive to purchase and insure. These motorcycles are designed for experienced riders who enjoy thrilling rides and are often used for long-distance touring or sports riding. Bike policy premiums for high CC motorcycles are typically higher due to the increased risk associated with their performance capabilities.

Factors to consider for insuring motorcycles based on CC

  • Whether you opt for a low, mid-range or high CC motorcycle, it is essential to choose the right two-wheeler policy coverage. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damages to your motorcycle as well as third-party liabilities, offering more protection financially. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select from third-party liability insurance or comprehensive insurance.

  • Additional add-on covers are offered that can enhance your policy's coverage. Evaluate your requirements and consider adding relevant add-on covers to ensure comprehensive protection. These may include zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance, personal accident cover and more.

  • Insurance premiums are impacted by various factors, including the cubic capacity of your motorcycle. It's important to consider the potential insurance costs while selecting a motorcycle, especially if you have a specific budget in mind. Higher CC motorcycles generally have higher premiums due to their increased power and performance capabilities.

  • Consider their claim settlement ratio. Opting for a higher claim settlement ratio ensures a smoother and more reliable claim settlement process. This ratio indicates the percentage of claims settled.


Once you've chosen the right motorcycle, it is crucial to secure it with appropriate car insurance coverage. Selecting a motorcycle based on cubic capacity requires careful consideration of your riding preferences, experience level and financial capabilities. To know more, visit Kotak bike insurance.

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