Exploring different types of riders and add-ons for bike insurance


11 Jul 2023

Riders and Add-ons for Bike Insurance

Whether you're a seasoned motorcycle rider or a casual rider, owning a two-wheeler brings about a sense of freedom and adventure. However, along with this thrill comes the responsibility of protecting yourself and your bike from potential risks. This is where bike insurance plays an important role. We will delve into the world of bike insurance and explore various types of rider and two-wheeler add-on covers that can enhance your coverage and tailor it to your specific needs.

Different types of bike riders opting for bike insurance

Here are some common types of bike riders available across various insurance policies:

  • Commuter rider

A rider who primarily uses their bike for daily commuting focuses on practicality, fuel efficiency and ease of movability.

  • Adventure rider

Enthusiasts who enjoy off-road adventures, long-distance touring and exploring challenging terrains on their motorcycles.

  • Sports bike rider

Individuals who prefer high-performance motorcycles designed for speed, agility and adrenaline-pumping rides on paved roads or tracks.

  • Cruiser rider

Riders who appreciate the relaxed and comfortable riding position offered by cruiser motorcycles are often associated with a laid-back lifestyle and long, scenic rides.

  • Touring rider

Those who embrace long-distance touring, with bikes equipped for comfort, storage capacity and features to accommodate extended journeys.

  • Vintage bike enthusiast

Riders who have a passion for classic motorcycles, appreciating the timeless aesthetics and nostalgic charm of vintage models.

  • Dual-sport rider

Adventurous riders who enjoy the versatility of dual-sport motorcycles, capable of tackling both on-road and off-road terrains.

  • Track rider

Riders who are passionate about track days and high-speed performance, often ride specialized sports bikes on closed circuits for exhilarating experiences.

  • Custom bike enthusiast

Individuals who take pride in customizing and modifying their motorcycles, creating unique and personalized machines that reflect their style and personality.

Add-ons considered by bike riders while purchasing bike insurance

When it comes to bike insurance add-ons, riders refer to additional coverage options that you can add to your policy to customize according to your specific needs. Some of the add-ons considered by riders while purchasing bike insurance are as follows:

  • Zero depreciation cover

Bikes, like any other asset, depreciate over time. This add-on cover ensures that you receive maximum reimbursement for the cost of bike repairs. With a zero depreciation cover, you can claim the full value of replaced parts during repairs or replacements without considering depreciation.

  • Engine protection cover

It covers the cost of repairing or replacing the engine, ensuring you are not left with hefty expenses. The engine is a crucial and expensive component of your bike. It protects you from the financial burden of engine damage caused by accidents, water ingress, or oil leakage.

  • Consumables cover

This rider covers the cost of consumable items such as engine oil, lubricants, nuts, bolts, and washers that are necessary for bike repairs. It ensures that these expenses are taken care of during the claim settlement process.

  • Accessories cover

It provides coverage specifically for the accessories fitted to your bike. If you have added additional accessories to your bike, such as alloy wheels, customized paintwork, or expensive audio systems, this rider protects those accessories from theft, damage, or loss.

  • Return to invoice cover

This cover ensures that you receive the original purchase price of your bike, helping you to purchase a similar model without financial setbacks.

  • Roadside assistance

This cover offers assistance services in case your bike breaks down or you face an emergency while riding. It provides convenience and support during unforeseen circumstances.


Owning bike insurance is not only a legal requirement but also a smart decision to protect yourself and your bike from unforeseen events. Exploring different types of riders and add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance can tailor your bike insurance policy to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether it's comprehensive premium plans or add-on coverage, it provides a safety net that ensures you can enjoy your two-wheeler adventures with peace of mind. Before finalizing your bike insurance, assess your requirements, consult with kotak general insurance and select the riders and add-ons that best fit your riding style and circumstances. Safe riding!

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