Expert tips and safety suggestions for teenage bikers


24 Jul 2023

All these bike riding tips for teenagers can help you enjoy your bike ride to the fullest & and legally responsible as a rider

A feeling of thrill and exhilaration buzzes through teenagers' veins as they step on the pedal of their bikes. For teenagers, riding a bike is more about the adrenaline rush that they get and not so much about getting from one place to another.

However, being young and high-spirited can sometimes be dangerous when it comes to driving. As a newbie teenage rider, driving responsibly and smartly is essential for the safety of yourself and others. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of India, the number of road accidents involving teenagers (aged 15-19) has been increasing in recent years, and most of these accidents involve motorcycles.

Read on for a few bike riding tips for teenagers that can help them be more careful and legally responsible as a rider.

Be a legally responsible rider

Keep these legal formalities in mind before you get on the roads:

• Get a driving licence

Riding a bike without a driver's licence is a serious felony and can get you in legal trouble. Before you start riding on the roads, be sure to get yourself the relevant driver's licence. In India, the minimum age requirement varies based on the type of bike as well as the state you are driving in.

• Have the necessary documents with you

One of the apt bike riding tips for teenagers is to always carry all important documents with you while riding. These documents include a driver's licence, PUC (Pollution Under Control), RC (Registration Certificate), insurance papers, etc.

• Get bike insurance

Having third-party bike insurance is mandatory as per Indian law if you want to ride on the streets. However, it is advisable that you purchase an insurance policy that offers more comprehensive protection.

• Obey traffic laws

Obeying traffic rules is crucial to stay safe, keeping others safe on the road, and avoiding any legal trouble.

Be a safe rider

In addition to following all the legalities, it is also essential to ride safely, making sure that there is no reckless driving.

1. Wear safety gear

Always wear a helmet, protective clothing, and sturdy footwear to protect yourself from injuries in case of a fall or accident.

2. Practice before going full throttle

If you're new to riding, start by practicing in a safe, controlled environment, such as an empty parking lot or a quiet street with little traffic.

3. Stay alert and aware

Keep an eye out for other vehicles, pedestrians, and road obstacles by being aware of your surroundings and anticipating potential hazards

4. Avoid distractions

Avoid using your phone, eating, or engaging in other activities that can distract you from the road.

5. Practice defensive riding

Assume that other drivers may not see you or may not give you the right of way, and be prepared to take evasive action if necessary.

6. Maintain your bike

Regularly check and maintain your motorcycle, making sure it is in good working condition before you start riding.

All these bike riding tips for teenagers can help you enjoy your bike ride to the fullest, avoid any legal trouble and let your parents have some peace of mind knowing that you are a responsible rider.

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