Exclusions in your cars warranty


24 Jul 2023

Exclusions in your car's warranty its types and advantages

When you purchase a new car, it includes a basic warranty package that varies by model, makes, and brand. If a repair or restoration is necessary, you take advantage of the guarantee and get the parts done. Additionally, you carry out a car insurance comparison and identify the top packages that will keep your vehicle adequately covered. However, were you aware that the warranty had exclusions? Here, we look at a few of these particulars.

Car warranty exclusions

• Your vehicle needs maintenance from time to time; therefore, it's crucial that you take it to the mechanic. The warranty offered by the manufacturer does not cover routine maintenance. Most car insurance policies do not also provide this coverage.

• The car's external panel consists of the bumpers, windscreen panel, wheel arch panel, firewall, and so on. You cannot wait for the manufacturer to cover the cost of repairs when an exterior part of the automobile is damaged due to weather, collisions, natural disasters, or other causes since this is a permanent exclusion from the list of warranties.

• The interior degradation of the car is not covered by any guarantee from the manufacturer.

• Additionally, the guarantee does not cover losses brought on by inadequate car maintenance. You must take care of the vehicle and make sure it is properly maintained.

• Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, rat infestation, etc., as well as accidents that result in vehicle damage, are not covered. However, taking a car insurance policy can provide you with the reimbursement in case of these natural disasters.

• According to a Supreme Court decision, the car owner is not allowed to make any significant structural alterations to the vehicle. If modifications or changes are made to the vehicle, the manufacturer forbids any warranty.

• If you install aftermarket equipment or have the automobile serviced at a facility that isn't authorized, the plan won't cover it.

• The warranty plan does not cover damage caused by aging of any kind, including paint, corrosion, seat fabric deterioration, or other components.

Types of car warranty

• New Car Warranty - When you buy a new car, a warranty is provided, known as the New Car warranty. This warranty will pay for the price of fixing or replacing any damaged or defective parts that were caused by manufacturing errors.

• Extended Car Warranty - An extended car warranty is the one you choose to buy for your vehicle. Following the end of the original warranty, this warranty may last for 2-4 years.

Advantages of a car warranty

• No worry regarding quality defects

• Readily available defective parts and ease of repair

• In most cases, new warranties come free of charge.

• The value of the car goes up when it has a warranty.

To learn what is included in the car manufacturer's warranty and what is not, carefully read the owner's handbook. The same applies for the car insurance policy, as you should always check the documents for the terms & conditions before buying any car insurance.

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