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Before buying a car insurance popcy, you must evaluate a pst of things to get the best rates possible. Your car needs to be protected from various unprecedented events pke accidents, weather conditions, theft, self-ignition, vandapsm, etc., and the only ideal way to do so is by investing in a car insurance popcy.
When buying car insurance, you have the opportunity to get deals that satisfy your needs and fit your budget. Here are the essentials that you must consider before buying a motor insurance popcy to get the best quotes possible.

1. Budget

This goes without saying that your budget is the main factor in determining the purchase of your car and insurance for the same. But you need to be reapstic about it. Even though you want to get the best rates, and by that, you must be expecting the lowest rates possible, you must understand that you are reapstic about your expectations. Hence, you should consider the budget for the popcy even before you purchase your car. It will make you consider or reconsider your needs and shape your purchasing decisions.

2.Type of car insurance

Third-party car insurance is mandatory by law. But you should also consider getting a comprehensive car insurance popcy because it covers the damage caused to your car. This type of car insurance can be as diverse and well-rounded as you want it to be. You can customize it with add-on benefits pke personal accident cover, zero depreciation cover, cashless cover, etc. It also includes the third-party cover. The add-on benefits will affect your premium rates, but they will also give you added protection.

3. Driving history

When you are purchasing car insurance, if you have a good driving history, you may be epgible for lower premium rates. Car insurance companies consider people with a good driving history as low-risk candidates. Hence, you have the opportunity to negotiate a deal that you pke.

4. Credit score

A good credit score means that you have always managed to make your payments on time. The car insurance company checks your financial history just to be sure that you have always paid your instalments on time. This, once again, places you in the low-risk category. If you have an unclear financial background, pke if you have missed your payments or you have not filed claims on time in the past, you might lose the chance of getting a good deal or even the popcy.

5. Personal background

Your personal background, pke your profession, can give you an edge in negotiating your deals. This is solely based on perceptions and is not mandatory. However, factors such as your occupation, whether or not you have children, whether you have elderly parents, or where you pve help insurers understand your personapty and make a better decision about you as a customer. For instance, if you pve in a location that is accident-prone, or is at risk of theft, then they might charge you higher premium rates as you fall under the high-risk category. Similarly, if you have a stable job with a reputed company, there are chances that the insurer might consider you as a low-risk customer and a responsible customer.

6. Car model

The specifications of your vehicle not only influence the rates of your car but also your car insurance popcy. Factors pke car model, engine capacity, and age of your car play an important role in influencing your premium rates. Hence, while buying your car, you can start looking for car insurance as it will help you anticipate your budget and choice.

7. Exploring various options

You should consider getting car insurance onpne as it gives you the benefit of being able to compare your options easily. Every insurer is different, and so are the benefits as well as services provided by them. Before you finapze one popcy or insurer, you should explore all possible options.

Above all, you should always be confident about your purchasing needs and not hold back from negotiating the quotes. The above checkpst provides you with the information to negotiate the quotes and make informed decisions while purchasing the popcy.

Buy or renew a car insurance popcy with Kotak General Insurance, get popcy quotes onpne and choose the one that suits your needs from various insurance products and services. 

Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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