Engine troubles: Does car insurance cover engine failures


24 Aug 2023

Understanding Coverage for Engine Failures

Your car's engine is the heart of the vehicle and any sign of engine trouble can lead to a wave of concerns. While routine maintenance can prevent many issues, unexpected engine failures can still occur, leaving you with a hefty repair bill. This is where car insurance comes into play. But does car insurance cover engine failures? In this blog, we'll explore the ins and outs of engine troubles and how car engine insurance can provide assistance.

Understanding engine failures

Symptoms of engine trouble might include unusual noises, a drop-in performance, overheating, or dashboard warning lights. Engine failures can stem from various factors, including poor maintenance, manufacturing defects, wear and tear, overheating and more.

Does car insurance cover engine failures?

1. Comprehensive coverage

If your engine is damaged due to one of these covered events, your insurance might pay for repairs or replacement. Engine protect add-on is required to cover engine failures.

2. Regular wear and tear

If your engine fails due to lack of maintenance, aging components or general wear, you might be responsible for the repair costs. Standard four-wheeler insurance usually does not cover repairs due to regular wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns.

3. Add-on coverage

Kotak general insurance offers add-on coverage options that extend protection to mechanical breakdowns, including engine failures. These might be available as add-ons to your policy for an extra premium.

4. Engine protection plans

We offer specialized engine protection plans that specifically cover engine failures due to mechanical breakdowns. These plans might cover repair costs, parts replacement and labor expenses.

5. Third-party liability

If the engine failure leads to an accident causing damage to another person's property or injury to another person, the liability coverage in your car insurance policy might come into play.

6. Deductibles and limits

Remember that even if your car insurance covers engine failures, there might be deductibles and limits that apply. It's important to review your policy documents to understand the terms and conditions.

Things to consider in car insurance policy in case of engine failure

  • Before facing an engine failure, review your car insurance policy to understand the type of coverage you have.

  • Keeping a record of your car's regular maintenance can demonstrate your commitment to upkeep and potentially influence claim decisions.

  • Consider the deductible amount and how it fits into your budget. Choosing a higher deductible might lower your premium, but you'll need to cover more of the repair costs in case of a claim.

  • If your car is still under the manufacturer's warranty, certain engine repairs might be covered by the warranty. However, warranties have limitations and might not cover all scenarios.

  • In case of engine trouble, it's essential to consult a qualified mechanic to diagnose the issue accurately.


While car insurance might not cover all engine failures, comprehensive car insurance or add-on plans like engine protection can offer assistance in times of unexpected trouble. Regular maintenance and proper care can significantly reduce the risk of engine issues. Stay proactive and informed with kotak general insurance, you can navigate engine troubles with confidence and ensure you're adequately protected.

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