Electrifying claims a guide on filing insurance claims for electric cars


10 Jan 2024

Smooth EV Insurance Claim Process.

Electric cars are the flavour of the season as nowadays we see more and more electric vehicles on Indian roads. As there is an evident rise in the use of electric cars on Indian roads understanding the nuances of online insurance for electric vehicles is increasingly important. Filing a car insurance claim for an electric vehicle isn’t significantly different from conventional car insurance claims, however, there are certain aspects that you need to understand in Kotak General Insurance claims for electric cars.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the claim process for electric cars

Understand the policy:

The foremost important thing is to understand your electric car insurance policy thoroughly. The terms and conditions mentioned in the policy document give a complete understanding of what is covered and not covered under the insurance of electric car coverage.

Action plan in the event of an incident:

In the event of an accident or damage to the electric vehicle, it is important to document the damages and get in touch with the insurance provider so that they can send a car insurance surveyor to assess the damages caused to the vehicle. Informing the insurer has additional benefits they can arrange for services like towing, pick-up, and roadside assistance for your electric vehicle.

File an FIR:

In the event of an accident, it is important to file an FIR. FIR can be filled by contacting the nearest police station. Filing of FIR is mandatory as all insurance companies ask for it at the time of claim processing. Note that in the event of minor accidents like dents on the vehicle or scratches the insurance companies might not ask for an FIR but in the event of significant accidents FIR is mandatory.

Submit documents:

To initiate the car insurance claims procedure for electric cars it is crucial to submit all the required documents to the insurer. By filing and submitting the required document on time and in an organized manner one can be assured that the insurance settlement process can be stress-free. The following is the list of documents that the policyholder must submit to the insurer:

  • Duly filed claim form

  • FIR Copy if required

  • Car Registration Certificate

  • Copy of your Driving License.

Assess the damage:

Once the documents are submitted the insurance company shall start assessing the damages caused to your vehicle. Assessing an electric vehicle is tricky as it has intricate systems and mechanisms therefore having specialised technicians is crucial. Battery and technology assessment of an electric vehicle is predominantly important.

Keep a record:

An electric vehicle is all about batteries and electronic components. So, keeping relevant documentation related to them is important. Additionally, it is best to keep a record of all the claim processing as this information is valuable.

Final thoughts

Thus, the claim settlement process for an electric vehicle is more or less similar to the conventional vehicle claim processing however the distinction lies in the technology and electric components used in making the vehicle. Understanding the filing of insurance claims for electric cars will help you be proactive and knowledgeable for a smooth claim settlement process.

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