Early bird or last minute: When is the best time to renew car insurance?


13 Feb 2024

Learn when is best to renew your existing plan before it expires.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every Indian vehicle must maintain at least third-party insurance to meet the legal standards. This sort of insurance offers protection against third-party liability. As it is mandatory, car insurance renewal is also mandatory before your existing plan expires. Kotak General Insurance deserves a special mention in this respect.

Although it is best to renew your existing plan before it expires, several individuals fail to perform it. This results in the loss of several continuity benefits, especially available in the case of comprehensive insurance.

Benefits of car insurance renewal

Renewing car insurance before expiry leads to a host of benefits, including uninterrupted coverage. However, some of the most significant benefits of renewing your car plan are as follows:

Uninterrupted financial protection

If unfortunately, you face any sudden road accident after your car insurance has expired, you need to bear all the relevant costs of replacement and repairs. This might prove to be highly burdensome in your pocket. Therefore, you must imperatively renew your four-wheeler insurance before the plan expires.

No-claim bonus benefit

Additional benefits are offered for not raising any claim throughout the policy tenure. This benefit keeps accumulating till you make a claim. NCB can be in the form of monetary benefits, reward points, etc. It eventually often leads to premium discounts during policy renewal. However, if you fail to renew your policy within 90 days after the expiry date, you tend to lose this benefit. Therefore, it is best to renew your plan before the expiry due date and keep counting on this benefit.


If your existing car insurance plan expires and is not renewed within the stipulated time frame, which usually tends to be 90 days, you tend to lose several benefits that your insurance plan provides. You must keep a note of the due date and act accordingly. However, if you fail to do it, you might take the help of the grace period. If you fail that too due to unavoidable circumstances, you must contact Kotak General Insurance. We may allow you to renew your existing plan at their discretion or may ask you to apply for a new car plan.

What is the ideal time to renew your four-wheeler insurance?

The insurance experts always opine to renew your car insurance policy immediately before its due date. You should submit a renewal request a minimum of 45 days or a maximum of 60 days before your policy’s expiry date.

However, you may even opt for the auto-renewal option. It is very convenient and user-friendly. We will automatically renew your existing plan without any hassle or botheration. This will conveniently retain all the associated benefits.


Here, we have essentially highlighted the benefits of renewing your existing car insurance plan beforehand. You may even opt for purchasing and renewing your car insurance online. The insurers often offer certain special discounts for online purchases and renewals.

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