Driving safely 7 common car accidents and how to prevent them


02 Jan 2024

Drive Safe, Prevent Accidents.

Driving safely is of paramount importance as it ensures the safety of self, co-passengers, and fellow travellers on the road. However, the reality persists that accidents do happen irrespective of safe driving and, the high safety features of the vehicle. Even though you have a good four-wheeler insurance like Kotak General Insurance driving safely can help you go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones out of harm's way.

Here is a list of 7 common types of car accidents that happen on roads and safe driving tips that help in car accidents prevention to ensure the safety of all:

Rear-end collisions:

Rear-end collisions as the name suggests, usually happen when you crash your car towards the back of another car. This is one of the most common causes of car insurance claims. To avoid rear-end collision it is best to maintain a distance from the vehicle ahead a minimum of a “3-second” distance can help you to maintain safety. Additionally, staying alert while driving, anticipating stops of the vehicle, avoiding distractions, and minimizing the use of mobile phones are a few other ways to avoid rear-end collision incidents.

Intersection accidents:

Intersection accidents happen at the crossroads due to the inability of the vehicles to follow traffic signals. These accidents are usually very serious. Traffic signals help regulate the traffic promptly. Any disregard for it can result in fatality. Therefore, always obey traffic rules, wait on traffic signals as directed, and be cautious while approaching intersections to be safe.

Side impact collision:

Side impact collisions as the name suggests happen when a vehicle hits another vehicle on the side. These accidents happen if the driver’s judgment in driving is wrong. To prevent such accidents the driver should be vigilant towards the sides of the vehicle through side mirrors, should be cautious while over-taking, avoid running red lights, and be cautious at the crossroads.

Single-vehicle crashes:

Single-vehicle crashes involve only one car. This type of accidents occurs due to over-speeding of vehicle, driver driving under the influence of drugs, or alcohol, bad weather conditions, losing control of the vehicle, crash due to animals, etc. To avoid them it is important to maintain safe driving speed, be focused while driving, and adapt to weather conditions.

Parking lot accidents:

These accidents happen when the driver is parking the vehicle or is exiting the parking lot. To avoid such kinds of accidents the driver should primarily maintain the driving speed limit in the parking lots, avoid crowded parking places, stay attentive towards pedestrians, and use side mirrors while parking the vehicle. The use of a rear parking camera for parking the vehicle will help in the safe parking of the vehicle. So, if your vehicle does not have a backup camera it's best to get one installed in the vehicle.

Run-off road accidents:

These types of accidents happen when the vehicle veers off the road usually while driving on slopes or curved roads like ghats. To prevent them it is best to maintain the speed of the vehicle, stay attentive and focused on the road, and adjust the speed of the vehicle as per the road conditions.

Multi-vehicle pileups:

In this type of accident, multiple vehicles crash into one another. This is usually like a chain reaction where one accident leads to another and thus numerous vehicles from different directions pile up in the accident. The only way to stay out of such incidents is by keeping a check on the speed of the vehicle, anticipating the driving pattern of fellow drivers on the road, and maintaining a safe distance from other cars.

The conclusion

In conclusion, above are 7 types of common car accidents and the ways to prevent them. It is best to follow general safety practices like wearing seat belts, maintaining speed limits, following traffic rules, not driving under the influence of drugs, etc. These are a few driving practices that can significantly reduce the risk of car accidents. Even though having online car insurance with accident coverage offers insurance for accident scenarios and might provide financial protection being responsible and avoiding them altogether is the best course of action.

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