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03 Aug 2023

Read about Driving in Delhi-NCR? Get insured against theft and accidents. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Bike theft has become a common mishap within the Delhi-NCR region, accounting for more than 56% of bike thefts out of total vehicle thefts reported. As per a report, the Delhi Police has received complaints for more than 3 lakh stolen vehicles between 2011-2020. Insuring your vehicle against thefts or accidents can protect you from financial damage.

Check below what needs to be done if your bike gets stolen and how to claim your insurance.

Why is bike theft rampant in Delhi-NCR?

There are a lot of reasons why these bike thefts can happen.

• Lack of parking space (parking anywhere)

• Thriving second-hand car market across the region as well as across India

• Proximity to exits to other states enables quick escape.

Which are the most theft-prone areas in Delhi-NCR?

Uttam Nagar, Rohini, Gurugram, Sector 12 Noida, Bhajanpura, Sultanpuri, South City I, and Dayalpur have emerged as some of the most theft-prone areas in the Delhi-NCR region.

Which are the most stolen bikes?

Very commonly used bikes, which also happen to have high demand in the Indian market, are favorites among thieves. Hero Splendor, TVS Pulsar, and Honda Activa are the three most commonly used and the most stolen bikes. Other commonly stolen bikes include TVS Pulsar, Royal Enfield Classic 350, and TVS Apache.

What can you do after your bike gets stolen?

The first thing you must do after your bike gets stolen is to report the theft to the local police from where your bike was stolen. Lodge an FIR and provide a copy of the vehicle's documents, such as your driving licence, registration certificate, etc. If the police cannot find the vehicle after a reasonable amount of time, a "non-traceable certificate" will be issued.

How to claim insurance?

Just as you would report to the police about your stolen bike, you have to inform your insurance company about the bike theft, that is, if you happen to have insured your bike or car. The untraced report is automatically sent after 21 days to the company where you have registered your bike insurance policy.

You may need to submit a copy of the FIR, driving licence, registration certificate, policy papers, etc. You may also need to submit your vehicle's keys. After the "non-traceable certificate" is submitted to your insurer, your claim will be settled as per your bike insurance policy.


It has been commonly observed that white-colored bikes & cars account for the most common color among stolen vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region. So, if you have a white car or bike, or even just a bike in the Delhi-NCR region, you should get a bike insurance policy to insure it against such bike theft, especially if most of the time your bike is parked in the basements or open garages.

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