Dos and Dont While Filing Car Insurance Claims


03 Aug 2023

Mistakes to avoid While Filing Car Insurance Claims

When your car faces any kind of damage or if you are involved in a car accident that has also caused personal injuries, the last thing that you would want at this time of emotional turmoil is to have your claim rejected by your insurer. The immediate solution to fixing most of the damage caused is to file a car insurance claim. It will provide you with financial support, along with other benefits listed on your motor insurance policy. But what if your claim is not approved? Wait. Can insurance companies do that? Yes, they can.

Your insurance company holds the right to reject your claim in case you fail to abide by their rules, clauses, terms, and conditions. One of the things you can do to ensure that your claim is always approved is to check all the details beforehand. Also, if you want to ensure on your end that your claim get approved, keep in check with these do’s and don’t's while filing your car insurance claims.


File an FIR

If you get into a car accident, your first task is to file an FIR complaint. You need to take proper legal action given the intensity of the situation and always keep a copy of the FIR ready with you.

Inform the insurer as soon as possible

Once you have informed the police about the accident and filed an FIR, you need to immediately inform your insurer about the accident. If it’s not an accident, but the damage has been caused by any other means, you must still ensure that your insurer knows about it within the span of 24 hours since the damage.

Keep all the documents in check

When you are filing your auto insurance claim, depending on the fact that you have chosen for reimbursement or cashless claim settlement, you will need to keep all your documents ready. The set of documents may include bills, ID proofs, driver’s license, RC copy, FIR copy, etc. You should check with your insurer about the required documents.

Keep your car documents updated

You should always keep your documents like your license, PUC, car insurance, and registration certificate updated and handy. You will need them at the time of filing your car insurance claim. In case any document is expired, your claim may be rejected.


Don’t run away from the accident

In the case of accidents, if you choose to flee the spot without following the legal procedure and then later decide to file a car accident insurance claim, there are chances that the insurer might reject your request for claim settlement.

Don’t break the laws

If you want your claim to be accepted, do not break the laws. Don't drink and drive; don't park in a no-parking zone; don't drive in the wrong lane, and don't ignore traffic signals. Furthermore, if you own a personal car with personal car insurance, do not use it for commercial purposes. Following the laws is of immense importance for your safety and to get your claims approved by your car insurance company.

Don’t refrain from interrogation

When you file a car insurance claim, you will be interrogated by the claim insurance officer. It is important that you keep a good attitude and be cooperative throughout the process. Any disobedience may lead to the rejection of your claim.

Do not sign any documents until you are completely convinced

Do not sign any documents or give any written statements before you have understood the process of the settlement, finalized the claim settlement amount, and learned about all the inclusions and exclusions. If need be, you should also consider getting legal help for your lawyer.

If you are buying your car insurance online, just by keeping in regulation with these do’s and don't's, you can increase the chances of your claims getting approved on time, without any hassle.

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