Does Your Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Damages Against Fire


03 Aug 2023

If you are buying two-wheeler insurance just to comply with legal formalities, then you must pause and think.

If you are buying two-wheeler insurance just to comply with legal formalities, then you must pause and think. There may be a situation when your bike catches fire due to an accident or manmade calamities such as vandalism or riots. The damage could be minor or even lead to total loss of your two-wheeler. Obviously, the idea that your bike may suffer damage is disturbing, but the fact that you do not have bike insurance to cover the damages will leave you in financial turmoil. Thus, having two-wheeler insurance that provides financial cover for the damage caused to your bike is necessary. But the question is, does it also cover damages against fire? Read on to know more about it.

Does the Bike insurance cover for fire?

Whether your bike insurance covers damages caused due to fire or not, it depends entirely upon the type of bike insurance you have purchased. Generally, there are three types of bike insurance covers:

• Third-party insurance: This type of insurance covers any third-party damages to property, vehicle, and bodily injury. As the name suggests, it does not provide any damage cover to your own vehicle and only provides for the third party but is the mandatory insurance for all two-wheelers plying on roads. 

• Standalone own damage insurance: This type of insurance covers for own damage, and it also covers any damages due to fire, whether partial or total loss of the vehicle. 

• Comprehensive insurance: This type of bike insurance covers both own damage and third-party insurance. So, it assures compliance with legal and also covers own damage to your bike. Comprehensive insurance also covers any damages to the bike that are caused due to fire. It includes coverage for total loss or partial loss of the vehicle due to fire. 

Although, standalone own damage insurance and comprehensive insurance cover fire damage, there are certain inclusions and exclusions to these covers.

What are the inclusions and exclusions of fire-damage cover?

A fire can be caused due to different reasons, and depending upon the reasons, the two-wheeler insurance policy includes coverage for fire damage. 


• Fire due to an accident 

• Fire due to natural calamities  

• Fire due to vandalism, riots, or house fire 


• Fire due to negligence of the policyholder 

• Fire due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of the bike 

• Fire due to any additional accessories 

• Fire due to a deliberate attempt to damage the bike 

Also, along with the inclusions and exclusion of the fire cover, there are certain limitations to the claim amount that you receive under fire cover. 

• Cover for minor damages: Only after the surveyor reports that the damages are minor the insurance company pays for the cost of replacement of parts or the cost of repairing any other damages. 

• Cover for total loss: If the surveyor finds your bike damaged beyond repair, it is termed total loss. In such a situation, the insurer pays you the amount that is equal to the IDV (Insured Declared Value) minus the deductibles and the depreciation. 

Depreciation is calculated basis the age of the bike, and deductibles are the predetermined amount you choose to pay from your pockets during claim settlement.

Final word 

Thus, there can be multiple reasons that can lead to bike fire, but the key is to be prepared with a two-wheeler insurance plan.

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