Does your car insurance policy cover animal attacks


03 Aug 2023

Know if your car insurance policy covers damages caused by animal attacks. Read this blog and secure your vehicle with Kotak General Insurance. Visit us today!

Your car can be subjected to unforeseeable threats at any time, including accidents, theft, damage during transportation, and unexpected animal attacks. However, many feel overwhelmed in dealing with the particular issue of animal attacks regarding car insurance. Let us look into how auto insurance protects you against such threats and how to prevent such incidents to avoid filing claims.

Does your regular car insurance plan have coverage for animal attacks?

While your car insurance plan does have policies that protect against several damages and attacks, most car insurance plans do not have a policy that covers the damage that animal attacks might cause, be it on the road or inside your garage. You should opt for the most appropriate car insurance plan to ensure you do not have to spend unnecessarily on any such loss.

How to keep your car safe from animal attacks?

It is not easy to prevent such impulsive attacks. However, there are ways in which you may shield yourself against such attacks.

1) Keep the windows of your car closed.

If you are parking your car in a lonely place for a long time, ensure the windows and your vehicle's sunroof are closed.

2) Keep checking if your engine is in operation.

Although you must keep your car engine running when it is not in use, make sure that you check it regularly to prevent mechanical issues from animals dwelling in it. This will require you to start and move your car often.

3) Do not eat food inside your car.

It is best to prevent eating and to store food inside your car. However, if you do, clean them before getting out of it as it might lull pests into your vehicle, which may ruin your seat and foot mat. Not just that, it may be a harm to the wiring of your car.

4) Park your car inside a garage.

To ensure your car is safe against animal attacks, park it inside a garage. Also, ensure your garage is free of pests and other wild creatures.

5) Opt for comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance might not provide precautions against animal attacks but will offer financial assistance in case of any damage caused to the vehicle.

How to claim car insurance for damages from an animal attack?

Filing a claim for damage caused by animal attacks is not at all problematic.

• As the first step, you will be required to contact the car insurance provider either through a phone call or through an online medium.
• As you make the report, a representative or surveyor assigned by the company will contact you and evaluate the damage caused. All the problems will be compiled as a detailed list summarising the financial costing. 
• The representative will then check through your insurance policy and grant reimbursement accordingly.

The reimbursement will either be a cash for the repair or a cashless claim that will get done with the garage spending.


Go through your comprehensive car insurance plan to better understand the extent of its coverage and, if needed, take the policy against animal attacks. It is always better to be prepared for all situations rather than regret them later.

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