Does car insurance cover cracked windshields?


20 Jul 2023

Car Insurance Coverage for Windshield Damage

A car insurance policy is supposed to provide financial protection in case of accidents and certain damages to the car. However, the extent of coverage a particular car insurance policy provides may differ based on several factors. For example, when it comes to damages like a cracked windshield, many car owners still do not have any idea of the car insurance claim process and whether their policy will cover the cost of its repairs or replacement.

Yes! Car insurance can cover a cracked windshield. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damages to both your own vehicle and any third party involved in an accident. This type of insurance policy is more expensive than third-party liability insurance but offers much greater protection.

If you have comprehensive insurance, the cost of repairing or replacing a cracked windshield is generally covered. However, there may be some conditions or limitations to this coverage. For example, some insurance policies may require you to pay a pre-decided deductible amount before coverage kicks in. Additionally, coverage for a cracked windshield may only be available if the damage was caused by an accident or natural disaster (pre-specified in the policy documents).

Things to keep in mind

  1. Know your coverage: Check your insurance policy to see if it covers damages to your windshield. Some policies might have a separate deductible for glass damage, and some might not cover it at all.

  1. File a claim promptly: If you have a cracked windshield, the insurance claim process should be started at the earliest. Delaying the claim can result in complications and possibly even a rejection of the claim.

  1. Provide documentation: You will need to provide documentation to support your claim. This can include photographs of the damage, the police report if applicable, and any invoices or receipts for the repair.

  1. Choose an authorized repair center: Authorized repair centers will ensure that the repairs are done correctly and can guarantee the work.

  1. Be prepared to pay a deductible: If your policy has a deductible, you will need to pay this amount before the insurance company covers the rest of the repair costs. If the cost of repairing or replacing your windscreen is greater than your deductible, it's not recommended to file a claim. So, it's important to compare the two amounts beforehand.

  1. Understand the impact on your premium: Filing a claim for a cracked windshield can impact your premium. It is important to understand how this will affect your rates and whether it is worth it to file a claim.

  1. Get your windshield repaired quickly: Get your windshield repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage and potential safety hazards.

Car insurance in India can cover a cracked windshield, but it depends on the type of insurance policy you have. If you have comprehensive insurance, the cost of repairing or replacing a cracked windshield will likely be covered.

It's important to read the terms & conditions of your car insurance policy carefully to understand what is exactly covered and what is not. If you are unsure about the coverage for a cracked windshield, you should contact your insurance provider for clarification.

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