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06 Dec 2022

Want to renew your car insurance online with Kotak? Here are the list of documents required for car insurance renewals. To know more visit us today.

Usually, the maximum duration of car insurance is one year, and after that, you have to renew your policy. If you have bought your car insurance online, you can easily get it renewed within a few clicks and verifying some document.

It’s an easy process renewing your car insurance and continue reaping the benefits of your policy. Plus, you may also be subject to more benefits like No Bonus Claim and other discounts. In case you fail to renew your policy on time, all these benefits may relapse, and your car will have no insurance coverage during the grace period. Late renewal may also cause an increase in the premium amount, or you may face some fines and penalties if you drive a car without an insurance policy. To abide by the law and to protect your car, you must keep your car insurance policy up to date.

It is mandatory that you at least have third-party liability car insurance. But for more extensive protection, you should also invest in comprehensive car insurance and get it renewed on time. You can renew your comprehensive as well as third party car insurance online.

The following are the documents you need to complete the renewal process.

1. ID proof issued by the government (PAN card/Aadhar card/Passport/Photo ID)

2. Address verification (passport/driver's license/bank passbook)

3. Recent Photograph

4. Driving License

5. The vehicle registration number

6. Registration certificate

7. PUC certificate/Pollution test certificate

8. The old motor insurance policy number

9. Details of your credit or debit card for online banking

You can renew your four-wheeler insurance online or offline as per your comfort. But before you do that, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

• You should consider if you want to continue with the same insurance company or whether you want to opt for a new one. To decide the same, you can compare car insurance online and see if you find any other company’s policy more beneficial.

• You can decide if you want to make changes to your policy by adding or removing some add-on coverage.

• While renewing your online auto insurance, if you have a No Claim Bonus benefit, then you should apply for the same. However, you can be eligible for it only if you have not filed any claims during the period of your car insurance policy.

• Before you renew your car insurance, get your car inspected by your insurance company.

• Remember to always keep track of your car insurance’s expiry date. If you miss the deadline, you might not be eligible for possible benefits like no claim bonus. Some insurance companies also have a buffer period after the expiry date. Make sure to file for renewal in that given period.

• Make sure to read the rules and regulations of the insurance company, even if you are renewing your policy with the same insurer. This is to ensure that in case the company has made any changes in their terms and conditions, you are aware of it.

• To get your car insurance renewed, you must keep all your documents in place. Make sure they are all up-to-date and have no mistakes in them. Anything as small as a spelling mistake can delay your renewal process.

Purchasing new car insurance as well as renewing it both have their own set of advantages. But to be eligible for that, you have to ensure that you have all your documents in place and that you submit them on time.

Choose your car insurance policy or renew it, with Kotak General Insurance and select from a number of optional covers, products and services as per your insurance needs.

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