Do not make these mistakes while filing a third party bike insurance claim


03 Aug 2023

Avoid these mistakes to avoid while filing a third party bike insurance claim

You can claim third-party motor insurance for the damaged vehicle if you have been in an accident or incurred some injuries. However, to be able to effectively claim your insurance, you must ensure that the claim is filed properly and you do not make any mistakes that might cause your claim to be ineffective.

Insurance claims after an accident help cover the cost of repairing your vehicle and treating any injuries. You may want to opt for an online vehicle insurance third-party claim. However, if there were inadequacies in your insurance claim, you might lose the claim and not receive any compensation. This can be frustrating. Therefore, it is important that your insurance claim is filed by following all guidelines and you avoid the mistakes mentioned below after being in an accident.

1. Fleeing the scene

Fleeing the accident scene is never a good idea. Even if the accident seems frightening or there is someone heavily injured, do not flee. Provide medical aid to the injured and wait for the authorities to arrive on the scene.

2. Not filing an FIR

FIRs carry the complete description of the accident. Therefore, these are really crucial if you want to claim third-party motor insurance.

3. Panicking

Panicking can cause you to miss out on important steps in the process of insurance claims and can even make you commit mistakes while claiming insurance.

4. Not documenting the accident & important details

Document everything possible during an accident. This includes taking pictures, collecting witness accounts, looking for CCTV, etc.

5. Being submissive or aggressive

Do not be submissive while in an accident, and agree to a mistake that you haven't made. Also, do not be too aggressive and get into a fight.

6. Drunk driving

Drunk driving may cause you to lose your insurance claim and work against you.

7. Delaying the claim

Most insurance companies require you to file for a third-party motor insurance claim within 48 hours of the accident. Delaying to file for the claim can cause you to lose out on the compensation.

8. Not carrying a valid driver's license and/or essential documentation.

Carry all the paperwork of your vehicle with you always. Not having a valid driver's license will work against you.

9. Signing "Final payment" cheques without legal aid

You may be offered a cheque as "Final Payment" by the other party. Do not sign on any releases to the Insurance company without a lawyer. It means any release of a claim by the insurance company must always be signed with a lawyer present after going through all the fine details.


Many people are not aware of the insurance policies and claims that can help them in several situations. Third-party motor insurance claims are such claims that can help third-party accident victims get their due compensation. We, therefore, advise everyone to go through online vehicle insurance third-party and other insurance related information that can be helpful in the future.

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