DIY car wash: 7 Tips for a spotless shine in your driveway


24 Jan 2024

Revitalize your ride: DIY car wash for ultimate shine

Every car owner finds pride in presenting and keeping his or her car sparkling and spotless. However, daily usage of the vehicle leaves behind dust and dirt that needs cleaning. Many of the car owners wonder how we can bring back the spotless shine of their vehicle which is lost in due course of usage of the vehicle. The following article will provide tips for a spotless shine in your valuable car. Therefore, instead of taking your vehicle to the nearest car wash centre follow the below given cleaning tips as it will help you get back the lost shine of your vehicle.

Checklist of the things that you need for cleaning the car inside out

Below is the checklist of the things that you need for cleaning the car inside out:

Car soap:

Using any other soap apart from car soap is detrimental to the shine of the vehicle. Use dedicated car soap as it is suitable for the make of the vehicle. Using car soap will enhance the shine of the vehicle.

Use of proper cloth:

For cleaning the vehicle it is important to use a clean and proper cloth. Using a scrub or any harsh material will scratch the car paint. So, using a microfiber cloth, car wash mitt, or sponge designed specifically for car washing is the best bet.

Wash bucket:

It is preferable to have 2 wash buckets while cleaning the vehicle as one will have soap water while the other will have plain water in which the car washing cloth shall be rinsed. Having one bucket of water will not provide good results as dunking the dirt cloth in the soapy water and again reusing the same water for cleaning will put the dirt and grime back on the car.


Having a water hose while cleaning a car is beneficial usually your nearest car wash centre will have it as they are used for cleaning muddy parts of the vehicle like the tires, mudguards, etc. The hose makes it easier to rinse the vehicle.

Scrubbing brush:

Make use of the scrubbing brush to clean the lower parts of the vehicle namely wheels, floor mats, etc.

Glass cleaner:

Use glass cleaner to clean the windshield, mirrors, and windows of the vehicle. A glass cleaner will ensure that your car has a spotless windshield, mirror, and windows.

Car vacuum:

Use a car vacuum kit to vacuum off the dirt on the seat covers and mats. Usually, dirt and soil easily get into the car therefore using of vacuum often will ensure the vehicle detailing is proper.

Car wax kit:

Once the car is scrubbed, cleaned, and dried apply car wax to the car. It will ensure that the car interior cleaning is done and give an extra shine to the interiors of the vehicle. car wax will not only the car interiors but even the car exteriors.

Final thoughts

Thus, for complete peace of mind not only regular maintenance of the vehicle is necessary but you should also purchase a car insurance policy. Having an online car insurance plan or an offline one will ensure all the expenses covered under the car insurance policy are taken care of by the insurance provider.

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