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Everyone is lured and attracted by the beauty of a bike. The feeling cannot be expressed in words when we get our first key of the bike - the rush, the feel, exceptional. But with time, motorcycles tend to lose their shine and lustre. As the paint wears, brakes become clunky, or the unidentified sounds while riding, it gets monotonous.

Let's talk about a few bike repair techniques to keep your two-wheeler looking brand new so that you avoid getting into this position. Also, you can use these tips to renew your secondhand bike.

6 DIY bike maintenance tips for you

• Give your bike a wash

The most straightforward action you can take is to clean your bike thoroughly and regularly. You can do this alone by taking a couple of tubs of water and soap. Spend some time scrubbing away the grime, which may be pretty dirty. You should apply a layer of wax after thoroughly cleaning it. By polishing it, you may give your motorcycle a beautiful finish and weather resistance.

• Spice it up with a paint job

The best place to begin is with a brand-new coat of paint, while you can add some originality to your bike by applying decals. Pick your favorite designs or create a custom decal from scratch to show your unique style. Your bike may be painted in a single color throughout, with a custom design, or entirely in chrome paint to make it sparkle and make you more visible to oncoming traffic.

• Get your lights customized.

Customizable lighting choices include strip lights that increase your visibility to other drivers, concentrated pencil beam driving lights that allow you to see farther away, transparent lenses with faceted reflectors in place of your headlamp glasses, and more.

• Change your tyres

This also comes into bike repair tips but can be a modification technique. Motorcycle tyres have a considerably limited lifetime compared to standard automobile tyres. Therefore, you should inspect them frequently. Pay attention to lumps or fissures along the sidewall, bald spots, and any foreign items lodged in the tread. Regularly check the tire pressure to look for trends pointing to the requirement for new tyres.

• Upgrade the audio system.

Simple radios, satellite radios, and CB radios are among your alternatives. Although you may purchase helmet speakers, you need to ensure they are allowed to be used where you intend to ride.

• Verify any faulty bolts.

Now that you're certain your motorbike will continue to be in use, inspect all the screws to ensure they are securely fastened. You can do a test driving on the motorcycle and try to listen for any unusual disturbances. Evaluate all the screws as you get off the ride to be sure nothing comes free. There could be a greater problem if all the bolts and components are in position, but there is still a rumble or strange vibration. These problems can be hazardous and almost certainly call for bike maintenance.


You may reflect your preferences and personality while still riding comfortably on a motorcycle by modifying it. The maintenance, bike repair, and modifications should all be balanced for the longevity of your bike. Also, ensure the modifications are as per the motorbike law in your region or state, as it may put you under several problems.

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