Different aspects of misfuelling in cars


03 Aug 2023

All about misfuelling in cars

It's an honest and common error to fill your fuel tank with the incorrect type of fuel. The fundamental justification is that petrol cars have an edge in terms of refilling nozzle size. The nozzle of the diesel dispenser does not fit into the narrower aperture found in the tanks of most petrol automobiles.

But, it is more common to misfuel a diesel vehicle with petrol. So, what happens if we fill a diesel or a petrol vehicle with the other? Let's understand.

What happens in the case of misfuelling in cars?

If diesel enters a petrol car - Refueling a diesel vehicle with petrol can have a variety of effects. To begin with, diesel is substantially heavier than petrol. Moreover, this characteristic of petrol makes it oilier. The fuel filter is the first area to be affected when you fill up a petrol vehicle with diesel. Diesel will clog the fuel filter since it is far heavier than petrol. The car will start stalling and stuttering. After the fuel and ignition combine, a lot of soot will accumulate in the spark plug. Eventually, your engine will stall out as a result of this and lose all of its power.

If petrol enters a diesel car - Diesel vehicles are considerably more sensitive than petrol vehicles. Since the damage may happen quickly and intensely, you might not notice as many signs as you would with a petrol vehicle. It will affect the fuel injection pump, rubber seals, spark plug, etc. If there is a lot of unburned fuel in a diesel automobile, you will notice a lot of black smoke when you put petrol in it. Eventually, the car will quit functioning.

What to do if you accidentally put in the wrong fuel?

Diesel in a petrol car

• If you realize you've filled a petrol car with a small percentage of diesel, simply fill the balance of the tank with petrol. You can keep driving since diesel easily blends with petrol.

• Immediately stop the car, and switch off the engine if you have filled diesel in a petrol car. Tow the car to a repair shop, empty the petrol, and flush the tank.

Petrol in a diesel car

• Even if you turn on the ignition after misfuelling, the fuel pump may deliver fuel via the lines. It means the tank and fuel lines must be thoroughly cleaned and flushed.

• If you drove a diesel car with petrol, the petrol may have found its way into every crevice of the engine. Stop the engine right away and dial a towing or roadside help number, tow the car to the closest repair center, and consult with a qualified mechanic.

How to avoid misfuelling in cars?

You can avoid misfuelling in cars by adhering to a few easy steps:

• While visiting a fuel station, never be in a rush.

• When you are at the fuel station, you must constantly be vigilant and keep a tight check on the attendant's hose.

• Make sure you specify the type of fuel that must be put into the vehicle properly.

• Always confirm the type of fuel being used for your car with the attendant.


When you experience such a problem, always talk to your mechanic and your car insurance provider. Yet, it is always advisable to be watchful for such errors that might completely obliterate the life of your automobile. Always double-check and confirm with the attendants before letting them fill up your vehicle.

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