Diagnosing strange bike noises and avoiding mishaps


04 May 2023

Learn to diagnose strange bike noises to avoid mishaps! From popping to grinding sounds, identify bike issues early & save on repair costs. Get a Kotak Bike Insurance Today!

One of the most thrilling sounds for a bike rider is when he revs up the engine and sees the bike speed against the wind. Most bike enthusiasts love the thrill of the sound a fast-moving bike makes. The sound a bike makes at various speeds and terrains, however, can tell one much about the current condition of the bike. Bike noise is, therefore, something every rider must have basic knowledge of.

If your bike is making bizarre sounds that you have no clue about, here are the most common bike noises that indicate an ongoing issue with the bike.

1. Popping sound

This is the most common type of bike noise that you must not take lightly. It can indicate an issue with the exhaust pipe, gas leakage, and the engine leading to fuel inefficiency and other issues.

2. Rattling sound

This is a strong bike noise that occurs with acceleration. It indicates issues like low-quality or contaminated fuel in the tank, loose or missing fastener hardware, worn-out cam chain or cam chain tensioner, etc.

3. Ticking sound

Valve clearance is the most common cause behind a ticking noise in the bike. It can also be caused by a loose cam chain or other valve train problems.

4. Clattering noise

Clattering noise usually occurs when the chain degenerates as it goes through regular wear and tear.

5. Grinding sound

When the motor only partially images and rubs against the flywheel, it may cause a grinding noise. Continuing with the issue without getting it checked may cause irreversible damage to the flywheel. This bike noise can also be caused by a worn or faulty starter or faulty flywheel, or missing shims between the starter and the motor.

6. Buzzing noise

This type of noise usually indicates a dead or fried battery. You hear the buzzing noise when the voltage dips more and more with every power failure causing the electrical component to switch on and off.

7. Clicking noise This is a very common sound that can have multiple causes. These include a corrupted or damaged chain drive, a hole inside the bike, a rusted interior, a worn or chipped sprocket, or a missing screw inside the bike.

While any strong bike noise mostly indicates an issue with the bike, not everyone can locate the source of the sound or identify the exact bike issue. Therefore, if you hear any strange sound emanating from your bike, the ideal thing to do is to take your bike to the mechanic and inform him of the bike noise. Do not delay in getting your bike checked, as it can worsen the issue. Remember that two-wheeler insurance does not cover the repair costs of regular wear and tear. Therefore, the earlier to diagnose the bike issue, the lower the cost of repair.

It is always wise to have a bike insurance policy that can cover the repair costs in case the bike gets damaged in an accident or a natural calamity. However, good maintenance of the bike and keeping an eye on any strange bike noise can help your bike stay up and running in the best condition for a long time.

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