Demystifying the Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2023: What's changing?


20 Nov 2023

Navigating the Changes: Unveiling Amendments in Central Motor Vehicles Rules 2023

The Central Motor Vehicles Act is an act proposed by the Government of India to cover and compile all the important laws relating to motor vehicles. Considering the daily road accidents and other adversaries, this act was proposed to ensure road safety. It also enhances pollution control and other issues. Starting from the registration of bikes to their insurance and liabilities, everything is covered under the Central Motor Vehicles Act.

Additionally, the government understands that changing times can demand new rules and road safety regulations. Thus, the Central Motor Vehicles Act keeps on being amended and updated to maintain maximum safety and welfare.

Central Motor Vehicles Act: 2023 amended rules

Recently, the Ministry of Transport and Highways amended the Central Motor Vehicles Rules in January as well as September. The First Amendment dealt with the vehicle registration changes and scrapping of older government vehicles. The rule says-

  1. The certificate of registration of all government, state-owned, municipal-owned, or public undertaking vehicles shall be cancelled after a gap of fifteen years.

  2. If the certificate of registration of such vehicles is renewed before the expiry period, then also, the certificate shall be considered cancelled considering the initial registration date.

  3. Such vehicles are supposed to be disposed of after the expiry of 15 years from the initial registration date. All of this needs to be ensured through the Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility.

  4. Special-purpose vehicles used for defence and other security purposes are considered exceptions to these rules.

  5. The fifth amendment in Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 2023 proposed in September dealt with the rules relating to the renewal of fitness certificates for all vehicles.

  6. The amendment says that the fitness certificates for vehicles up to eight years old are valid for 2 years.

  7. Vehicles older than 8 years have their fitness certificates valid for just one year.

  8. The rules also make it mandatory for vehicles to get their fitness test done only at automated testing stations. These stations shall be registered under rule 175.

The regular amendment of Motor Vehicles rules ensures their relevance. It maintains its importance even in the changing times and offers maximum road safety and support with new traffic rules, car & bike insurance policies, and so on. For instance, the scrapping of old vehicles under the first amendment of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 2023 ensures that old vehicles that do not meet the safety standards are disposed of.

The regular amendment of Motor Vehicles rules may indirectly impact health insurance plans by improving road safety and reducing accident rates, potentially leading to lower health insurance claims related to motor vehicle accidents. Stricter regulations contribute to a safer driving environment, influencing risk assessment and, consequently, health insurance premiums.

The policy is also important for economic as well as environmental reasons. Economically, they boost the market of new vehicles, and environmentally, they cancel the old vehicles that could emit more harmful gasses. Additionally, the fitness certificates for vehicles allow one to comply with government rules and avoid any kind of penalties.


The importance of motor vehicle rules makes it significant for all vehicle owners to be aware of these policies and sincerely adhere to them. Additionally, one can also opt for effective insurance plans to cover other vehicle maintenance costs. For example, Kotak car insurance provides you complete protection against accidents and thefts, and more easily and without much hassle.

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