Decode the digits: How to find your two wheeler insurance policy number


25 Aug 2023

Unraveling the Digits: A Guide to Locating Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Number

Whether you're a new rider or a seasoned one, knowing how to locate your two-wheeler insurance policy number is crucial for filing claims and accessing policy-related information. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of finding your two-wheeler insurance policy number.

How to find two wheeler insurance policy number?

  • The most straightforward way to find your two-wheeler insurance policy number is by referring to the physical or digital copy of your insurance policy document. It's typically found on the first page or in a designated section. This document contains all the essential details about your policy, including your policy number.

  • The receipt serves as proof of payment and policy details. If you've made an online payment for your insurance premium, the receipt you receive via email or in your account will usually display your policy number.

  • Mobile apps provide easy access to policy-related information. By logging in to the app using your policy details, you can find your bike insurance policy number along with other important information.

  • When you purchase or renew your two-wheeler insurance online, the insurance company usually sends a confirmation email. This email contains a summary of your policy, including the policy number, premium amount and coverage details.

  • If you're unable to locate your policy number through the above methods, you can always contact the customer service helpline.

Breaking down the digits

Your two-wheeler insurance policy number may appear to be a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols, but it holds specific information that is helpful for identification. Here's how to decode the digits:

  • Prefix or suffix

Specific prefixes or suffixes are used to denote the type of policy or coverage. For example, "TW" might indicate a two-wheeler policy, while "C" could represent comprehensive coverage.

  • Unique identifier

A series of numbers and letters following the prefix or suffix serves as a unique identifier for your policy to distinguish your policy from others.

  • Year and sequence

In some cases, the policy number might include the year of issuance or renewal, followed by a sequence of numbers. This sequence helps to track policies issued in a particular year.

  • Company code

A few insurance policies include a company code within the policy number.


Whether you find it on your insurance policy document, premium receipt or through your insurance company's mobile app, having your policy number on hand can save you time and effort. Your two-wheeler insurance policy number is more than just a random assortment of characters; it's key to accessing vital information about your insurance coverage. Knowing how to locate and understand your policy number is essential for a seamless experience when filing claims, updating information, or accessing policy-related details. Stay tuned with kotak general insurance to understand the maze of digits and characters.

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