Coverage of car theft under your car insurance policy Find these add on riders


03 Aug 2023

Coverage of car theft under your car insurance policy | Find these add-on riders. Know more about the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Owners will experience tremendous dejection at the thought of their vehicle being stolen. If you don't have the proper car insurance, dealing with a car theft may be very difficult and frustrating. Despite the fact that coverage against vehicle theft is a feature of every major car insurance policy, the precise terms and conditions of the coverage you choose when purchasing the policy will determine whether or not that feature applies to your case. Also, remember that even if your insurance covers car theft, the belongings of the stolen vehicles are not covered.

Two types of car insurance policies are offered by major insurers: package policies (comprehensive) and liability-alone (third-party) policies. Motor insurance companies will pay for third-party claims up to a certain amount. Complete coverage includes protection against both personal injury and car theft damages. The plan also offers add-on depreciation coverage, protection against no-claim bonuses (NCBs), etc.

When you file a claim at the insurance company for your stolen car, you should keep a few things in mind. You would be required to give your insurance company a no-trace report or an untraced automobile report that was sent to the local police along with your claim request for approval. Additionally, you will want a duplicate or copy of the registration certificate, which you may obtain from the RTO.

It should be mentioned that there are some add-ons that, although not widely used, are highly helpful to vehicle owners when they need them most. Various insurers provide different add-ons for automobile insurance. The majority of general insurance firms offer the following additional car insurance policy coverages:

• Zero depreciation additional coverage -

Your claim amount will go up if you have a zero-depreciation cover, which relieves you of the strain of paying for your vehicle's depreciation.

• Add-on coverage for roadside assistance -

In an event that the covered vehicle breaks down, this add-on coverage guarantees support services. Services offered include fuel supply, on-site repairs, flat tire changes, towing to the closest garage, and more.

• Add-on cover for consumables -

This add-on offers protection for consumable parts not covered by regular insurance, including lubricants clip, air conditioner gas, oil filter, engine oil, brake oil, nut & bolt, etc.

• Add-on coverage for tyre damage -

With this add-on, you may get coverage for things like in-tyre bulges, bursting or punctured tyres, cuts from accidents, etc.

• Loss of personal property add-on -

The insurer pays the policyholder for the loss of personal property, such as articles or other personal things.

• Additional daily allowance -

When you choose this add-on, the car insurance company will pay you a daily allowance while the car is missing or being repaired.


Although you probably wouldn't expect to have your car stolen, it's always a good idea to be ready for the situation and know what to do. Make sure your car insurance is active and that you have the appropriate add-ons so that you are protected against all unforeseen circumstances.

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