Coverage for car accessories: Protecting your customisations


12 Dec 2023

Drive in Style: Kotak Insurance for Your Custom Car Accessories

Modifying and enhancing cars is something that many car owners may desire. From adding new safety features to extra comfort pieces, car accessories can definitely take your vehicle to another level. Since a vehicle is one of the pride possessions, why not do the best for it? When you accessorise your vehicle, do not miss getting car accessories coverage as well, so you have complete protection for your car. Let's know more about it.

Types of car accessories

Car accessories can be installed for many purposes. Some of these enhance the riding experience, while others may be for safety, luxury or beautification purposes. Some common and popular car accessories are:

  1. Fog lamps

  2. Brake lights

  3. Monitors

  4. Camera

  5. Music system

  6. Special seat cover

  7. Fittings for interior

  8. Anti-theft devices

  9. CNG kit

  10. Wheels, etc.

Broadly, these accessories are classified into electronic car accessories, non-electronic car accessories, and CNG accessories. You may get accessories as per your preference, however, at the time of purchasing a car insurance policy or renewing your existing one, remember to add the coverage for car accessories as well.

Effects of customisation on car insurance policy

A car insurance policy aims to offer coverage for your vehicle against mishaps. So, you may wonder if installing accessories has an impact on the policy and the premium charged. The answer is Yes. Car accessories coverage may require additional premiums and certain changes in the policy as well. Let's understand how accessorising impacts insurance coverage.

With each special accessory added to your vehicle, you must inform your insurance provider. Accordingly, the coverage provided is adjusted. Usually, in order to get car accessories coverage, you will be required to pay an additional premium.

Is getting car accessories coverage worth it?

The aesthetics, richness, and safety added to a vehicle with the help of accessories cannot be undermined. Some of these accessories may be quite hefty, and insurance coverage for the same can be helpful. In case your vehicle meets an accident or mishap and accessories are damaged, repairing costs for the same can get heavy on your pockets. Hence, to avoid such unforeseen expenses, you may purchase car accessories coverage and let your insurer take care of the repair costs.

Those with luxury cars and hefty accessories installed are highly recommended to have comprehensive insurance coverage. With a car insurance policy, you have mental peace and can remain peaceful even during an emergency, knowing Kotak car insurance is there to take care of the bills.

Summing up

Car accessories are a great way to enhance the overall performance and safety of the vehicle. Hence, investing in car accessories coverage can ensure the comprehensive safety of your vehicle. If you haven't yet invested in a car insurance policy, now may be the right time to do so.

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