Complete information about traffic fines in Gujarat


04 Aug 2023

Traffic fines are crucial & we need to obey them all. Here's a comprehensive list of traffic fines and related information in Gujarat that you should be aware of.

Traffic fines play a vital role in ensuring that people follow all the traffic rules without fail. They work as a perfect deterrent for people violating traffic laws which can result in road mishaps.

An increasing number of road accidents and fatalities make it significant that traffic police impose these fines on those who violate traffic rules.

The Gujarat government, however, did reduce the amount to be paid for various traffic fines from September 2019 to reduce any unwarranted burden on the people. Many penalties/fines, though, remained the same as before.

The traffic fines in Gujarat are as follows:

1. Breach of stipulated pollution norms: The fine is INR 1,000/- for lightweight two-wheelers and INR 3,000 for all other vehicles.

2. Disregarding Traffic Lights: A fine of INR 1,000/- to 5,000/- can be levied or even cause six months to one-year imprisonment. The offense can even cause your license to be seized.

3. Driving on the wrong side: The fine is INR 1,500/- for three-wheelers, INR 3,000/- for light motor vehicles, and INR 5,000/- for heavy vehicles.

4. Driving unregistered vehicles: The fine is INR 100/- for bikes and scooters, INR 2,000/- for three-wheelers, INR 3,000/- for four-wheelers, and INR 5,000/- for heavy vehicles.

5. Driving without a proper Driving License: The fine of INR 2,000/- for two-wheelers, INR 3000 for three and four-wheelers.

6. Drunken Driving: The offense can cause a fine of INR 10,000/- and/or six months in prison for a first-time offender and INR 15,000/- and/or two years in jail for repetitive violations.

7. Minor driving a registered vehicle: Any minor driving a vehicle registered in someone else's name will be deemed ineligible to acquire a driver's license until 25 years of age. A fine of INR 25,000/- may be imposed with three years’ imprisonment. The vehicle may lose its registration for one year.

8. No helmet on two-wheelers: The fine is INR ₹500/- to ₹1000/-.

9. No seatbelt in a four-wheeler: The fine was reduced to INR 500/- from INR 1000/-.

10. Obstructing emergency vehicles such as ambulances: The offense can lead to a fine of INR 1000/-.

11. Overloading Two-wheeler vehicles: The fine is INR 100/-.

12. Talking on mobile phones while driving a vehicle: First-time offenders will be fined INR 500/- and subsequent offenders will be fined INR 1,000/-.


Traffic laws are in place to ensure the safety of people and reduce fatalities caused by road accidents. Therefore, it is a must to follow all the traffic rules. Those who do not follow such rules will have to pay hefty traffic fines. These fines are not meant to cause a financial burden on the public; rather, they aim to act as a major deterrent in violating traffic laws that may lead to major road accidents and casualties.

We recommend getting motor insurance for your vehicle to reduce the burden of financial expenses after unforeseen accidents.

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