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22 Nov 2022

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A Driver's License (DL) is a legal document that the Regional Transport Office issues to confirm that the possessor is competent to operate a motor vehicle. Each state in India has its application procedure, exam, and requirements for obtaining a driving license. Obtaining an offline or online driving license in Andhra Pradesh is a very simple process, provided you understand the proper application procedure.

This blog will help you understand the details you should know to apply for a DL in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh driving license qualifying requirements

To be eligible to apply for a Driving License (DL) in Andhra Pradesh, a person must meet all requirements established by the state's transportation department.

• At least 18 years of age is required. The minimum age to obtain a gearless two-wheeler driving license is 16.

• You must be at least 20 years old to obtain a commercial driver's license.

• The candidate must have at least completed eighth grade.

• The applicant must apply for a DL (Driver's License) within 30 days of receiving a learning license and within six months of the date of the issuance stated on the learner's driving permit.

Required documents for Andhra Pradesh driver's license

The applicant must present the following documentation to the local RTO office to receive a driving license in Andhra Pradesh:

• All of the vehicle's legal documentation

• An application form that has been properly filled out and is available on the Andhra Pradesh Transport Organization website.

• Four passport-sized pictures.

• If necessary, any licensed government physician must issue a medical certificate in Forms 1A and 1.

• Passports, PAN cards, and other legal evidence of age.

• Valid identification documents, such as a voter ID, passport, or Aadhaar card

• Address proof

• Fees for Applications

In addition to the papers mentioned above, you could be requested to provide certain further documents based on your profile. Before filing your application for an online driving license, you must make this inquiry at the local RTO Office.

Steps to apply for a driving license in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, getting a driving license is a rather quick and uncomplicated process:

• The applicant must get Form 4, the application form for a driving license, which is accessible on the Andhra Pradesh Transport website. You can also fill up the online driving license application.

• All additional required paperwork and processing costs must be sent to the RTO together with the application form.

• The applicant will get the learner's license. Then, they can apply to get the permanent license on the official website -

• The applicant will be given a slot at the RTO office to take the test, which they must pass to receive a permanent driving license.


To ensure the safety of people, all vehicle owners must adhere to the government's transportation and safety rules. Obtaining a driving license is another crucial rule that every person should follow. With the help of the internet, you can quickly discover the local RTO and obtain your learner's license as soon as possible before putting your hands on any car.

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