Common questions about bike insurance


02 Jun 2023

Answers to Your Most Pressing Bike Insurance Queries

In many ways, purchasing bike insurance is quite similar to purchasing any other items you usually need. You would like to be aware of exactly what you are getting before you purchase it. And similar is the case with bike insurance; you must make sure that you know all about its features, coverage, add-on benefits, etc.

Since there are so many crucial factors related to buying bike insurance, there can certainly arise many questions as well. You may not know the answers to many such bike insurance questions, especially if you are purchasing a policy for the first time.

Now, let us see the answers to some of your bike insurance queries.

Commonly asked bike insurance questions

Q1. Is a third-party insurance plan necessary?

Yes, it is mandatory to own third-party two-wheeler insurance if you own a bike or any other two-wheeler, as directed by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Q2. Can my bike insurance be renewed after expiry?

Yes, every insurance policy can be renewed after it expires. If your motor insurance has expired, make sure to renew it as soon as possible before you take the vehicle for a drive. Driving with an invalid insurance policy can lead to a violation of the law, resulting in fines or legal punishment.

Q3. Can I purchase bike insurance online?

Of course, you can purchase bike insurance online. Purchasing online is a more convenient method with paperless procedures. Click here to buy kotak bike insurance online

Q4. What does zero depreciation in a bike insurance policy mean?

A zero-depreciation cover is offered as an add-on feature under various two-wheeler insurance plans. This additional benefit allows you to have the maximum sum insured on your vehicle without the insurance company deducting any depreciation value of the insured vehicle.

Q5. Can I claim my bike insurance during its grace period?

Unfortunately, you cannot ask for any claims from your insurance company during the grace period. The grace period is only provided to allow the renewal of the bike insurance policies before they are expired. During this additional period, you can also compare different policies, ask for add-on features, or choose another policy that you find better suited before your existing policy lapses.

Q6. Are scratches covered by bike insurance?

Yes, As a bike insurance owner, you can ask the insurance company for the claim

After answering every bike insurance query mentioned above, we must also shed light on the most important thing here; as per the Indian government, having third-party bike insurance is compulsory before you ride your two-wheeler on Indian roads. In case you do not have one or your bike insurance policy is expired, you are vulnerable to legal and financial liabilities that can occur due to an unexpected incident such as a road accident, theft, etc.

Ensure having valid bike insurance that provides adequate coverage as per your requirements and finances. We hope we were able to answer some most asked bike insurance questions!

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